How much does a video streaming app like Netflix Cost?

How much does a video streaming app like Netflix Cost?

How much does a video streaming app like Netflix Cost?

Most of the people at present entertaining themselves with attractive movies, programs and etc when they feel bored through Television. Internet connection to TVs enables users to browse and watch their favorite movies or channels within less time. But, most people are not interested to see ads while they watch movies and etc. So how to see a program or movie without any disturbance

People who are at a young age or old age are showing interest in the websites, mobile apps, and social media portals. In fact, many surveys also reveal that people are attracted to the latest technologies. One of the best and popular applications which attract more people is Netflix. How they gain so much popularity. It enables users to watch thousands of movies and programs with several packages.  Almost 87 million users are using the Netflix app in their android, ios and windows smartphones. Most people are thinking to develop a similar kind of applications for gaining huge profits for their business or develop an app with added features to beat Netflix

If you have an idea to develop an application like Netflix and it requires the assistance of a mobile app development company definitely. Budget is the main factor to be considered in developing an app like Netflix for any of their business and the features that you are going to include in your applications is also significant.

Features that are included in the Video Streaming Application Netflix are

1. Integration of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and etc are famous social media platforms or channels and social media integration with your app enables users to share    their videos directly to their followers on various social media platforms and another best thing is users of social media channels can share their videos from several channels through a single platform and that is your Mobile application

2. Multi-language Content

It is the best feature of Netflix and if you want to enhance your business in various locations. It is possible when you reach different locations of people. Netflix comes with content in various languages beyond English and it enhances the conversion rate by more than 200% (both app and website

3. Live Video Streaming

Users feel so much fun with the feature live video streaming and if you are developing a similar kind of app, including this feature is important and it will attract a lot of users to your app

For instance, you can incorporate Facebook live videos or Youtube Live Videos and etc in your app

4. Profile

It is the place where users can manage their payments, plans they have to select, videos and programs they want to watch, and other options. Users can easily manage their accounts by using this feature.

 5. App Monetization

This feature enables app owners to earn money from their own applications and a lot of ways are there to earn money from apps. Some people have doubts that their app is free to use and download and how they can earn money. App Owners can earn money from their free or paid applications.

  1. App Advertisements
  2. In-App Purchases
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Affiliate Marketing and etc

 6. Reviews and Ratings

It enables the user to provide reviews and ratings to a video or any type of video content and it enhances the time spending in your app. If users like a video and they will positively review and others also show interest to watch that particular video or quite opposite also happens to this situation means the user can avoid watching the video

 7. Push Notifications

Most business owners or companies know the advantages of push notifications and you can reach the target audience when it is utilized in a proper way. It automatically converts users into customers of your business. Here are some ways how push notifications will assist business owners

  1. Increase the consumer experience
  2. Immediately send transactional receipts
  3. Enhancement in sales via Promotion and latest offers
  4. Advertisement in Social Media Channels
  5. Payment gateway

It is essential to integrate a payment gateway for doing online transactions. So application which is running on Apple or Google os have their own payment gateways and the remaining apps like Video Streaming apps require third-party payment gateway like PayPal and etc

     9. Dashboard

This feature is most useful for application owners than others. It allows app owners to manage the users of the application and content of the app, Profits or earnings, etc. In the same way, the owner also manage his profile by utilizing this feature

Here are the factors that reveal the cost to develop a video streaming application like Netflix. 

  • Design

An app without an attractive design won’t attract users to utilize the applications. To attract users to your app requires simple and elegant designs and it is easily engaged the user to a particular application.

Simple and classic designs cost more. So the cost depends on the designs that are used in the application

  • App Development Platform

It is one of the essential factors that need to be considered for an app development cost. Normally Android, ios and Windows are the most used platforms for creating applications. Cost may vary from one platform to another. IOS is less expensive when compared to Android because Android is utilized by a lot of devices, resolutions, and configurations

  • Features

If you are thinking to include a variety of features in your application. It will take a higher cost. It is better to develop a video streaming app with the primary features required by the user and if it succeeds in the app store or play store. Add some Extra Features for better services 

  • Geolocation of App Developer

There are different app development companies are available in the world and providing excellent app development services to their clients. So business owners have to find the right app development company in Dubai, India and etc countries across the world. But the essential thing is how much they charge for app development. If you are hiring a mobile app development company in the USA and they charge a high cost when compared to the app developers in Dubai, India. So choose the right app development company based on the cost charged by app developers


I hope everyone gets a clear idea about the common features and factors that reveal the cost to develop an app like Netflix. Consider all these points while developing a video streaming app like Netflix. If you have confusion after reading this, consult the top mobile app development company with huge experience and portfolio and they will suggest and provide detailed information about the app development cost.

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