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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Wallet App Development

The world of cryptocurrency has dramatically grown over the past few years. More and more people have started investing in the crypto market, and as a result of this investment, the market ranks quite high in terms of profits. A crypto wallet is what is required for the purpose of investing in the market. With the increasing number of people in the crypto market, the need for cryptocurrency wallet development services has also been on the rise. So, let us learn a bit more about crypto wallet app development.

Introduction to Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is nothing but software that helps keep the cryptocurrency of users safe and easy to trade. The wallet application helps store both private as well as public keys for cryptocurrencies. By using different types of blockchains, the users are able to easily and conveniently exchange digital currency. The electronic wallet is needed to make use of Bitcoin and other services of the crypto wallet.

These software applications keep track of the information of the public as well as the private key, which in turn is able to do the following.

  • Monitor the accounts of the users
  • Transfer money between various blockchains
  • Perform transactions

Typically, users transfer ownership of the cryptocurrency to the address of the crypto wallet when it is sent to some other users.

Understanding Crypto Wallet Development Process

The overall process of cryptocurrency wallet app development is not a simple task. It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task that can be accomplished in the following steps.

1. Start with Knowing the Blockchain

Knowing the blockchain is one of the most vital steps in developing a crypto wallet. It is of immense importance to know about the right type of blockchain depending upon the type of app you are looking forward to developing. Selecting the most appropriate blockchain helps to overcome all the challenges during the process of development.

2. Deciding on the Development of the Crypto Wallet App

Here there are two options available that are used by most cryptocurrency wallet development services.

  1. You can make use of public libraries so that there is no need to code the application by yourself.
  2. You can develop the application from scratch, which is more time-consuming and expensive, but the design, as well as the functionality of the application, can be chosen.

3. Implementing the Open Source Crypto Libraries

Most of the cryptocurrencies happen to be open source in nature which eliminates the need for proprietary software. One can use the following two free options available.

BitcoinJ SDK – It is pretty simple to use and comes with a lot of information. Moreover, BitcoinJ is compatible with JVM, which happens to be an added bonus. This platform supports a wide array of programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, Python, and Ruby.

Coinbase SDK – It is an open-source and free JavaScript library that runs on almost all platforms and can be used to develop a crypto wallet. Coinbase SDK supports a number of popular languages like Ruby, Java, and Python.

4. Selecting an Application Development Model

The next step is to select the cryptocurrency wallet app development model. There are a number of options available, and hence it becomes quite important to choose the right one depending on the exact requirements for the specific wallet to be developed. One can choose from private, unlimited, hybrid, allowed, public, and private blockchain models.

5. Make Use of APIs

Making use of APIs is an extremely crucial way to develop a cryptocurrency wallet with a wide array of features and functionalities. In addition to this, the APIs play a significant role in speeding up the process of developing the application by allowing the programmers to complete the required steps.

6. Selection of the Right Tech Stack

Choosing the right technology stack is a matter of immense importance in developing the crypto wallet app with all the required features and functionalities. For instance, HTML 5 & CSS 3 along with Angular js or Node js will be an appropriate choice if you are developing the application for the web. On the other hand, if you are developing an application for iOS, Swift or Objective C will be the right choice. Developing the app on Android, Java, or Kotlin is the ideal one.

7. Keeping an Eye on the Security of the Wallet

The security of the cryptocurrency wallet is undoubtedly one of the vital features crucial for its success. Therefore, the app developers should make sure to add stringent security measures to the wallet to keep it completely secure. The addition of multiple securities is recommended, and it is also necessary to keep them updated so that bugs, as well as other issues, can be avoided.

8. Including All Necessary Features

It is important to include all the features and functionalities in the crypto wallet as per the requirements. The inclusion of all the necessary features will make sure that the app is able to perform the intended purpose of use.


Now, it can be very clearly understood that what are the necessary steps that need to be followed at the time of developing a cryptocurrency wallet application. Trading in cryptocurrency looks to be a promising market, and it can be considered to be a wise decision to invest in the same. It is expected that there will be about 80 million crypto wallet users by the end of this year, which gives an indication of the bright future of the crypto market.

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