Roku Ultra 2020, Streaming Media Player

Roku Ultra 2020

Roku Ultra is the ultimate streaming media player, fully loaded with all of our best features. Enjoy powerful, smooth streaming with channels that launch in a snap and our best wireless, now with up to 50% more range. Watch in extraordinary Dolby Vision® HDR picture and experience 3D Dolby Atmos® sound when you pair it with a compatible sound system. Watch the most popular channels, plus cast music, podcasts, and more with Bluetooth® and Spotify Connect. The included Roku voice … Read more

10 Latest Streaming Devices in 2019

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TVs are no longer “idiot boxes.” They are becoming smarter, thanks to streaming devices. You need not blow your paycheck to buy a new TV to bring home a smarter device. You can make your old TV smarter by plugging into the latest streaming gadgets. A slew of streaming devices exists in the market. Here is a brief description of 10 latest devices that gizmo geeks regard as the best. The devices mentioned here are hand-picked by the experts. To … Read more

Explore the Streaming Sites: Get The Best Info!

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There are a lot of people who have an addiction to watch TV Serials daily. They didn’t want to miss any episode. But sometimes they didn’t have time to watch their favorite serials on television. So, here we have a better option for you. Serials tv streaming applications are very famous nowadays. You can view your favorite serials whenever you get free time. It’s also the best way to spend your leisure time. You can use these applications anytime and … Read more

Best Sports Streaming Boxes for 2019

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Before getting started with the topic of today, let’s first talk a bit about streaming boxes or in other words TV boxes aka Kodi boxes, what they are and why should you have one. For those who don’t know, a TV box is basically an electronic device that connects to your Television and then transforms it into a Smart TV. There’s no doubt in the fact that most of the TV’s nowadays, use the smart technology but if you want … Read more

How much does a video streaming app like Netflix Cost?

How much does a video streaming app like Netflix Cost?

Most of the people at present entertaining themselves with attractive movies, programs and etc when they feel bored through Television. Internet connection to TVs enables users to browse and watch their favorite movies or channels within less time. But, most people are not interested to see ads while they watch movies and etc. So how to see a program or movie without any disturbance People who are at a young age or old age are showing interest in the websites, … Read more

Best VPN services to stream TV shows & Movies Online like a King

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VPNs are becoming essential in today’s digital world. A VPN not only maintains your online security by protecting your privacy and encrypting your data but also allows you to change your geographic location to gain access to blocked content from anywhere in the world. Who would not want that? Premium VPN services do a much better job at providing secure, private, and geographically-free internet access. Free VPNs may be great for occasional use – you may want to encrypt your … Read more

DVB-T2 TV Streaming HAT for Your Raspberry Pi

DVB-T2 TV Streaming HAT for Your Raspberry Pi - tv feat

Raspberry Pi Foundation has officially announced the Raspberry Pi TV Hat, with a Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) tuner that receives terrestrial TV signals, on sale now at $ 21.50. It lets you stream DVB-T2 and DVB-T video in the UK and Europe. Any Pi with a 40-pin GPIO connector can use the TV HAT to act as a […]… Open Electronics