Screen Time Limits Help kids keep healthy balance

How Parental Control app helps Screen Time Limits kids keep healthy balance

Why do kids need screen time limits?

Extended screen time is often the culprit for reducing family time. No one wants to lose their family time to digital devices. But staying away from cell phones is far tricky than said. So, what can be the best solution?

It all starts with digital parenting. While adults can consciously make efforts to detach themselves from devices, children, on the other hand, need a little nudge once in a while. Parental control app for time schedule is a practical option to start disciplining your digitally addicted kids.

The app locks down the device whenever you want. Your family time, dinner time, and kid’s bedtime are entirely in your control.

Instead of turning into your kid’s digital babysitter, follow some tips to reduce their screen time.

What is Screen Time?

Screen time is the time one spends watching media sources like TV, computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. spending long hours on the screen has advanced with the growing technology and impacted the youth drastically.

Screen time, as per experts, should be limited for kids in the age group of 5-16 yrs. of age. However, today the exposure is much higher than the acceptable limit. When screen time is interactive, educational, and allows spending quality time with family and friends – screen time is categorized under healthy screen time.

Another inevitable fact about screen time is maintaining balance with other activities. We understand how hard it is to push yourself away from smartphones and tablets. But the addiction often compromises and diverts us from the essential tasks.

How can you limit the screen time of kids?

Here are some tips for teaching healthy screen time habits for your kids:

  • Teach kids about quality screen time

It is said that quality screen time has turned into a novelty rather than a necessity. Earlier, watching a movie on the home TV was a daily routine, but nowadays it is hard to assemble the entire family even for a mere 30-minute episode.

Quality screen time begins with a little nudge from the parent. If the parent introduces kids to the following activities, kids can enjoy quality screen time:

  • Download or watch online family entertainment movies or series together. However, perform this a daily prayer, religiously.
  • Educate your kid on good games and apps like mind puzzles, brainteasers, etc. and guide them through the game whenever they are stuck.
  • Make learning more 3Dimensional by using video learning techniques.
  • Plan movie dates, and telecast entertaining and inspirational documentaries with for your little ones.
  • Balancing with other activities

Screen time is necessary for your kids, overuse of digital gadgets sacrifices other priorities like sports and academics.

Striking the right balance is the key. You may not be able to ban kids’ devices, but realizing priorities is essential. Parents can dig a little gap in between other tasks of the day to squeeze in media time, but screen time should not be allowed to eat up valuable hours like dinner, bedtime, study time, family time, etc.

Parental control for time schedule plays a significant role in balancing essential activities with screen time.

  • Incentivize media time

More often, smartphones and other media gadgets are part and parcel of the punishment process. Repossession of devices is usually the common threat kids get to hear. Now, let’s try the other way around, every time your kid accomplishes a task, hand over the smartphone for a more extended period.

Tidying up the room, finishing the vegetables, arranging the cluttered bookshelf, finishing homework early, helping in household chores, etc. are ways to incentivize gadgets. And, this works better than snatching cell phones on committing faults.

  • Engaging activities

More often than not, parents are to be blamed for kids’ screen addiction. Why? Because parents treat gadgets as an engagement tool to keep kids diverted and busy at the same time while they wrap up their work. Instead of encouraging devices for entertainment, invest in comics and books.

Push your kids towards physical activities to kill boredom or take up artistic skills like origami to kill time. There are plenty of options to pass the time instead of a digital gadget.

  •   Monitoring screen time

Parents are at a loss for words when kids start using abusive language. They pick up many such habits online or through social media exposure. Similarly, long hours of screen time are incredibly detrimental to health. Parents should be extra cautious when it comes to kids’ health.

Watch out for your kids’ browsing history and patterns. The category of games is another cue for understanding kids’ mind structure. Record the period kids invest in gadgets, daily. Accordingly, a decision can be formulated to take practical actions against your kids.

  • Practice what you preach

Kids are a reflection of their parents. They watch you plow; they copy, they watch you fight; they learn, and if they watch you read; they read more. As the matter of fact is, the more positive and constructive habits your kids see you perform, the more they learn to enact them.

Give kids more reasons to imitate you and observe how well they pick it up.

How do parental control apps limit the screen time of kids?

We listed down a variety of educational and psychological ways to reduce screen time. But these factors work better when screen time limitation is enforced initially. Parental control apps are the easiest ways to cut down screen time and achieve curfew during essential tasks.

Features of the Bit Guardian Parental Control app are highly useful in achieving the right result. The app offers time Scheduling and app blocking capabilities to reduce addiction as well as decrease daily screen time. Many parents have reported successful results by religiously using the time schedule functionality.

Parental control app for Time schedule is the magic wand to reduce screen time while you can freely work on your kids’ healthy non-screen habits. So, hurry. Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control app style=”font-weight: 400;”> now!

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