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Lineageos 17.1

LineageOS 17.1 is here

LineageOS 17.1 is packed with additions such as a partial screenshot functionality, the spiritual successor to the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, Lineage Recovery,...

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differences between Public relations and online marketing

What are the differences between Public relations and online marketing?

Market grounds of the 21st century are digital so all the business including a common fruit vendor...

7 Finest Laptops for Business people with a Knack for Gaming

Gaming laptops suitable for business are no longer few and far in between. Technology is advancing at...
Pre-Terminated Cabling

Pre-Terminated Cabling System – Boon or Bane for Data Centers

Running a data center efficiently means providing high performance at most reliable bandwidth to ensure maximum uptime. In the quest of doing...

How Chatbots can help you in Boosting Your Gym Business

It all started with your first day at the gym. You entered the world of fitness for the first time. It started...

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware To Start A Bitcoin Farm

Finding the best bitcoin mining hardware model to start a Bitcoin farm is really challenging. But if you do proper market research,...

Type Of Malware To Avoid That Are Danger For Computer

If you buy a new computer or using the old computer system, it does not mean that you are safe from Malware threat....

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There is 180 million blind and visually challenged in the world. This number grows each year. By the projections of specialists, there will be 275 millions of people having severe problems with vision like cataracts or glaucoma by the year 2020 on earth
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