Laptop for trading

Best Day for Trading Laptops for a 3,4,5 and 6 Monitor Setup

Can you really trade efficiently with a laptop? Is the laptop capable of powering up the 6 monitor setup? Why should you choose a laptop for trading over a desktop? These might be some of the questions you have in mind. You are right to be more meticulous in choosing the best equipment for your 6 monitor setup. You’re likely going to use this setup for a long time, so make sure you get your money’s worth. Is a Laptop … Read more

organize your time

Tips to organize your time and work

To obtain good results during your workday, completing essential tasks without having to work overtime, it is essential to organize our time and work. Although many companies consider that working extra hours to finish work is fine, the reality is that this only means working with less efficiency and productivity, generating stress, making hasty decisions and increasing incidents. Increasing the working day not only negatively affects individual tasks, but also influences the environment with the team, spreading a bad work … Read more

DJI Mini 2

New DJI Mini 2 Firmware Released v01.01.0000

What’s New on latest DJI Mini 2 Firmware? Added Enhanced Photo. Added Trimmed Download. Added zoom to video mode. Added ability to customize the lighting pattern for the front LED when in the default state. Changed way to switch between QuickTransfer mode and flight mode to pressing and holding the QuickTransfer button for two seconds. Optimized QuickTransfer so that a transmission rate of up to 20 MB/s can be achieved in an environment without interference. Optimized exposure for panoramic photos … Read more

CNC Machining

5 Strategies to Improve your CNC Machining efficiency

Even when you’re getting good value out of your CNC machines, CNC machining is one process you need to keep improving. As your machines work more, their efficiency tend to drop from time to time. This affects their precision and quality output. You, therefore, have to come up with a good strategy to ensure that your production isn’t affected. Here are five strategies you can use to improve the machining efficiency continuously: Improve its mechanical design One of the easiest … Read more

led panel

LED panel light: New Era of light

You might have heard about various led lights but LED panel light being the most advanced led technology and despite being fairly new to the market are gaining quite traction among lighting contractors. The reason is its notably slim design and exceptionally sleek features majorly designed to replace traditional fluorescent fixtures in commercial and regular settings. It’s one of the best lighting options for indoor setups and has a lot of advantages over conventional lighting fixtures. Led panels offer flexible … Read more

Led Lighting

Why Led Is the Future of Lighting

2020 saw the rise in the use of LED lights in farming, hospitals, and other industrial lighting needs. Despite the emergence of other smart lighting technologies, research shows that the upward trajectory in LED lighting will persist. Reason? For a long time, lighting constituted a large share of industrial expenses. The search for lower costs in lighting initiated the birth of LED smart lighting technology. This comes with other benefits such as improved control while addressing health concerns.  This article … Read more

Virtual Reallity

What is virtual reality?

The definition of virtual reality comes from both the words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. The definition of virtual is ‘near’ and the definition of reality is whatever we experience as human beings. So basically the term means ‘near-reality’. Our sense and perceptions systems help us see the world as it is and everything we know about reality comes by way of our senses. In other words, you could say that simply a combination of sensory information makes up our entire experience … Read more