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Must-Have Tech Tools to Increase Your Office Productivity

Be it multitasking, a busy office, a client visit, or too many meetings in a single day, the list is endless when it comes to all the ways in which our days get interrupted and our work suffers. No matter how much we’d like to protect the quality of work that we perform, the many distractions and issues we encounter are bound to take a toll on our jobs. Let’s not even get into our own fickle nature and our tendency to use our time to peruse social networks instead of focusing on the task at hand.

Enter: the latest tech solutions. Some of them are painfully simple and obvious, others more complex, but all of them put together can transform your office and your productivity alike. Since we rely on tech most of the time to work, why not discover the tools and software solutions we can use to maximize our performance and make sure we do more in less time, and with greater accuracy, all the while reducing stress and annoyance? Here to save the day are the five top tech tools for the office to be more productive every day!

Keep the noise at bay with headphones

Working in a crowded office, an open office space, or even a traditional cubicle can be overwhelming on the senses. When you find yourself on the phone, negotiating a better deal with your vendors, or you’re simply trying to sell a service of yours, the noisy neighbor at the table nearby might distract you. Then again, if you’re performing time-sensitive work, and you’re in need of some quiet time to design a beautiful landing page, a noisy office can be indeed disruptive.

There’s a simple way to work around the noise issue, and it involves purchasing a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, designed to make your work hours far more comfortable and stress-free. You can either use them to focus entirely on the phone conversations you’re having, or listen to some soothing music for inspiration when you’re working on a creative project.

Enhance your printing setup

There are office issues and there are office printing issues. Often causing a cold war at the office between people who wait for their turn for too long and those who have the tendency to hog the printing equipment, this entire setup can instead facilitate a smoother, more seamless workflow. By introducing OKI pro printers instead of those old-school, outdated models, you will quickly provide everyone with the must-have tools to get on with their creative work.

Suddenly, there will no longer be lines for all of your sales reps to print out simple contracts, or for your marketing team to test out the latest promotional brochure design. Such a simple step can help you streamline the workflow at the office, letting everyone focus on what truly matters instead of wasting time on menial tasks.

Keep the office temperature optimal

How often do you find yourself feeling too toasty at the office, or even worse, feeling chilly during those cold winter days? No matter how modern-looking an office may be, it needs to be functional above all else, and optimal office temperature is one of the key factors that can either build up your productivity or keep you distracted and feeling uncomfortable for hours on end. Now, this problem has different tech solutions available, but larger offices might not want to go for the typical one AC unit.

Instead, you may want to consider an all-encompassing system of temperature regulation through smart thermostats that will be adjusted and control the heating and cooling systems in your office. That way, you don’t have to do anything manually other than set the thermostat to a temperature that is suitable for everyone at the office. Ideally, that would be anywhere between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, providing the perfect balance for a work environment such as your own.

Use project management tools

Too many teams have a hard time assigning tasks to the right person, tracking their workflow, and monitoring their ability to deliver their work in time. This may lead to problems in communication, failing to meet the needs of your clients, and ultimately affecting your business reputation as a whole. Even if you run a small office, any team can benefit from using project management tools that help you assign tasks, keep track of deadlines, and make sure everyone understands their responsibilities.

Most of them have built-in chat platforms and other forms of communication, and they can be connected to your business email accounts so that everyone will be notified of any project changes.

Think posture-friendly thoughts

It can be difficult to remind yourself not to slouch, or to retain a proper position while sitting down during those long work hours. While not too many businesses can afford a dedicated recreational or fitness room, or perfectly ergonomic furniture together with standing or adjustable desks, there are different tech solutions to help you fight this issue.

For example, you can use simple devices that are placed on your back, and that remind you every time your posture is not correct. They are very discreet, you can wear them in every office, and your body will slowly adapt to the changes so you’ll have a better posture even when you’re not wearing the device!

Productivity depends on so many different factors. Make sure to use these essential tech tips to help your teams be more productive, and it will slowly translate into the raving success of your own business.

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