How Much Does It Cost to Make an App in 2020

Hello, everyone! Nowadays, the app is an important instrument which makes your life and the lives of other people much easier and comfortable. It is hard to imagine now how to work or meditate or even relax without a good app. Every self-respected company or business has created the app not just to be in trend but to promote itself and become more accessible and cover more customers. So, we may conclude that apps are not just trends, they are the necessity of modern life and business at all.

When you have decided to create the app for the business that important to know different factors that may influence the price and out of that decide what to do.

So, let’s take a look at them!

Factors that affect the cost of creating an app

  1. Type of the app

No doubt that the type of app you want to develop directly correlates with the price of it. Different apps cost differently.

Maybe you wanna app for your shop or you wanna provide service through it, it all affects the price of the future app. Hybrid, native, web, or progressive, the choice is yours but be ready to pay.

  • Location

The location also influences the price a lot. It means your choice of the place of development. I do not mean some office or cafe, for example, I mean the country. This is not a secret that in various parts and places of the world prices are different and app development is not an exception here. For instance, the app development in Ukraine and India is a lot cheaper than in the USA or Australia and the quality is fine. This factor leads us to another one – outsourcing.

  • Outsourcing

Now it is the most widely spread method of creating the app and making projects. It is cheaper as a rule and the company can focus on the tasks that are in the priority. Of course, as I said before, geographical location plays a lot in terms of prices and just you have to choose whether it will be better for you to make in the company with your own team if you have one or hire another company or a freelancer.

  • Your requirements

Surely, every client has its own vision of the project and gives requirements to it. You will be not an exception. When you represent your requirements for the project you have to keep in mind that, more demands you have then more money you have to pay. Do not build castles in the air and focus on the main things you need.

  • Complexity

It must be obvious the more complex the app the more time and cost it will bring. For sure, you can build some simple and easy app but it will not bring the expected results to you. When you do something complicated the chances to reach success are higher and usually, it is worthy of the time and effort you have spent. When you ask me whether I spend money on an amazing, complex but rather costly app I would agree without any hesitations because when you make something with good quality and passion the game is definitely worth candles.

  • Time of development

When you have a huge and promising project, it is rather clear that it will take a great amount of time for developing. A simple app takes around 1-2 months but a complex one much more. Also, you need to take into account that development is not the only thing that takes time. You need to find people for the work, explain the project, negotiate with them, make prototypes, and test them. This is a really long process, so you need to be patient too. Time is money!

  • Developing Team

The number of people, their functions, and the quality of their work have a straight impact on the cost. It is much easier when you have the specialists in your company or just decided to outsource the project. But in most cases, companies just hire specialists and make teams out of them. The best way to find a good team is to refer to the agency or find various freelancers and create the team out of them. When you decided to do so, be ready that not everything will go smoothly because people have different characters and styles of work so it can be hard to bring everything and order or at least it may take some time.


As I have said before, the development of an app is the necessity for modern business. If you want to rich success in your branch you need to make it. But it is not so easy because there are various factors that can make the cost of it rather high. Among them are:

  1. Type of an app;
  2. Location;
  3. Outsourcing;
  4. Client’s 
  5. Complexity;
  6. Time for development;
  7. Development team.

I hope you know what affects your app development cost and you will make the decisions that will help you the most. Stay at home and be safe!

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