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kinds of graphics

Top 5 Most Used Kinds of Graphics We See Around Us

Kinds of Graphics

“A picture is worth a thousand words” when Fred R Barnard said this possibly he didn’t have the idea about what was coming next. This was said in a time with no digital mediums but then a few years later this phrase becomes much more accurate and is implacable till the time will be. Visual representation and graphics have become the tools to make anything happen and this is where things have changed. From a picture to a logo and to an illustration everything is becoming a tool to communicate messages and to make things to be easily conveyed. But to everyone’s surprise, there are more kinds of graphics that you can even imagine. Covering all of them in just one blog might not be possible and thus we have targeted the top 5 most used kinds of graphics in this one.

  1. Corporate Designing

The reason that I have listed it on the top here is that this kind of designing is implicated the most in contemporary times. Businesses have realized the importance of graphical elements in marketing and branding purposes and this is where all of the businesses are contemplating. From a logo to the packaging and branding everything here is included in corporate designing. The purpose of the same is to represent the brand in the eyes of the target market and getting the best of their attention and communicating the psychology of the business to them.

  • Illustrations

The illustration is a kind of designing that is regarded in a different way, it is regarded in a way that carries more depth and detail. The illustration is about depicting the ideas, thoughts and everything in between. Well, this is not just related to a single domain and we can find a lot of things to cater through this designing. This kind of designing has got my heart and I have always thrived to become a professional in this field. I worked as one of the cheap childrens book illustrators and was in this field for years. Illustrations, in my opinion, are the perfect example of how a picture could be worth a thousand words.

  • Web Designing

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Well, without website nothing would have been this intact as it currently is. Websites, however, have two parts to make them effective. The first without any doubt is functionality however the second is its design. What’s on the front end has much impact on shaping the views of people who are accessing it. Thus, website designing is also an important array of graphics that is concerned importantly in a wide range. The website designing has to be subjectively taken care of the platform that you are going out for and the purposes you have attached to the website.

  • Publication Designing

Well, a major part of what we have in this world is the content but only content is not enough to make a reader or viewer have that interest and their design helps the content to get the maximum viewership or readership. From newsletters to books and even magazines and catalogs everything is included in this publication designing. This kind of designing could be done for both the soft copy as well as the hard copy depending upon your targets.  

  • Marketing and Advertising Designing

Well, people more than often confuse corporate designing with the marketing and advertising designs because they have so much in common. However, the major difference between them is about the purposes of designing. Corporate designs might just be for communication but marketing and advertising designs can have multiple purposes altogether. What we see all around us in digital mediums and in traditional marketing mediums is the perfect example of marketing and advertising designing.

Well, these were the five most-used graphics designing types in the contemporary times and the purposes attached with each of them is the difference but if I would have to write a few things that are similar the first I would write would be that each of these designs carry one purpose that is the graphical representation of the ideas. To make a thousand words to be spoken at a single time. This was where I started this blog and this is where I am sending it too.

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