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How a Label Error Can Ruin a Great Package Design?

It’s good to be extremely aware of how important the packaging is for a product. It is key for your brands to put out successful messages for products and truly distinguish yourself from competitors.

The significance of package design in online shopping and e-commerce is even greater, as the internet allows brands to reach more customers than ever and truly build their niche.


But you have to keep in mind, that with the internet, there are also far more ways you can make mistakes, which can have a damaging effect on your brand. I’ve put together a list of errors, that you should definitely avoid.

Labeling Products Wrong or Just Poorly

You always need to take your time to proofread your labels, because correct labeling is super important. You see, there exist a lot of regulations and laws you have to follow to sell anything legally.

If you have worked hard to build loyalty and trust with my customers, you wouldn’t want that to be destroyed by mistakes that make customers look at your brand as incompetent.

  • From the National Institute of Standards and Technology site you can find some FAQs on the guidelines and rules to be followed in the U.S.
  • Always start with finding out, what information is a must to provide.
  • Then make sure, that the content of the label has zero inaccuracies or errors.

The Typos

This one gives me nightmares just to think about it. After you work hard and get your product finally out there, a customer spots a tiny but loud mistake. A little label typo.

You cannot hide anywhere once this happens, because, with the world of social media, the customers can make a lot of noise online over simple misspellings.

  • a small mistake can diminish all the hard work you’ve had with creating and designing my product.
  • Re-printing and re-designing are extra expenses no one would be happy to pay.

Brand Image Suffering

I’ve already mentioned this briefly, but as labels are the face of your brand, the thing that speaks to your customers even before they look closer, you have to pay extra attention to your label design.

I’ve seen, with similar products, how the more professionally designed label draws customers in so much better than the one full of errors. Label design is all about creating a great first impression.

Once a customer is drawn in by the well-designed label, you’ll find it much easier to make him or her buy the product. As a bonus, a correctly designed label encourages impulse buying and that gets you more sales. I recommend that you try buying cheap labels that compatible with Zebra, Dymo and Avery printers and design the labels so that it’s fitting to your customer’s needs, you can save more money by doing this.

Clients Don’t Buy Only Once

Everyone can sometimes forget, that labels have another function besides attracting consumers.


  • instruct
  • warn of dangers
  • provide instructions
  • keep the model and serial numbers.

They must be durable for the time of a product’s use.

I’m sure everyone’s been frustrated over products that have poorly designed labels, made of wrong materials. After some time they fade and you can’t read the information anymore.

When the product is, for example, an electrical appliance, you need to see the product number for the right spare parts. If you can’t read it, you will seek other alternatives for spares and go to the competitors of your product.

Serious Injuries Can Occur

You would not like to get a warning label wrong. You absolutely must pay close attention to make the instructions on what to do to avoid injuries crystal clear. Especially, when dealing with warning instructions for the machinery, which can lead to bodily injuries.

I have heard horror stories about companies getting sued after these kinds of incidents. Compensation fees can be enormous and the damage on the brand name is irreversible.

This study about how package design affects accuracy recognition for medications, points out, that the most common error was the inability to identify that two different packages contained the same active ingredient.

Avoid Awful Printing Companies

Before starting to work with a label printing company, try to do some research on them and make sure, that they are reputable and professional. That way the print work of the labels will have quality.

You should also take a lot of time to explain to them your product and make sure they use quality materials on your labels. Go together through designs of similar products for some inspiration.

That way you can both get the results you want.

60% of all recalls are because of errors in labeling and it seems, that the errors are mostly simple and easily avoidable. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by avoiding spelling mistakes, bad materials, and unclear instructions.

You should never launch a new product without making sure everything’s well with the label. You don’t want your company’s reputation to suffer because of that, or recall any products.

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