customer success

Why Customer Success is Important for your SaaS startup

Customer success in Saas is the most rising strategy that helps to boost up revenues, satisfy customer needs & requirements, most importantly reduce churn. A logical and effective strategy of customer success is a crucial ingredient for SaaS companies. So to know why customer success is significant in SaaS, just keep reading this article. There is a bit difference between customer success and customer support first one is proactive ad second in reactive. Customer success procedure means diagnosing problems and … Read more

Small Business

Legitimize Your Small Business With a Toll Free Number

Small businesses make up 99% of America’s businesses and 88% have fewer than 20 employees. Some of those small businesses operate like large firms in terms of their business acumen, marketing and communications, and customer service while others struggle to run efficiently. Business to business (B2B) solutions for small businesses can position them to present a professional image, run more efficiently, and improve scalability. Here are three solutions to help your small business. 1. Get a Toll Free Number A toll free … Read more

Trend Technology

How a Phone Answering Service Lets you Compete with Big Companies

It’s a competitive world out there, and it’s important to find any edge you can if you want to stay afloat, especially if you’re a small business competing in a market with big businesses. Here’s some information on how a phone service can help you survive. It Won’t Cost Half Your Revenue A phone answering service is highly economical compared to many of the other possible solutions for your company, such as using a live answering service. Some services can often cost … Read more


5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2020

American business owners and entrepreneurs spend over $1.8 trillion on technology each year. Most business owners understand that in order to achieve their goals, they need the right tools in hand. While having cloud-based servers and software is important, there are also a number of apps you need to think about using.

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing Is so Important for Your Business

Marketing has become of the world’s biggest profit-making industries. We live in an era where the chances of being successful are greater than ever before, which is why many experts in this field believe that with the perfect marketing strategy, any kind of product or service can be sold. The most dominant form of advertising today is Digital marketing. This form of advertising is so powerful and influential that there are online businesses like online casinos that rely solely on … Read more

Business Managment

Corporate LMS: Align your Corporate Training Program for Business Success

Over the years, the business landscape has witnessed rapid and significant growth and shift in substantial aspects. With globalization gaining ground, tech innovations and trends reshaping the respective industry verticals and with the growing popularity of outsourcing services, it has become a must for the corporate and large enterprises to remain updated and competitive. As the popular adage goes “knowledge is power”, most businesses would second it considering the current scenarios. A corporate LMS or learning management system has become … Read more

Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital Marketing Trends For Tour And Travel Businesses In 2020

As the internet becomes the prime selling channel today, no industry vertical is untouched by its immense potential. Tour and travel businesses have witnessed the tremendous impact of this powerful medium in terms of booming sales and stronger customer connections. The fact that more and more travelers prefer to browse and book online makes it essential for these businesses to have a robust online presence. But just building a great-looking website and investing in social media strategy will not do … Read more