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11 Interview Questions Animation Studio Should Ask Before Hiring an Animator

Creating an animated video for a client is a job of high responsibility as there could be many different reasons of extreme significance, for which a client might be asking for the animated videos. In order to provide them with the best quality project, it is imperative that an animation studio must hire a team of experts who are capable of creating a high-resolution video professionally.

In order to guarantee that the right person is being appointed for the job, a video animation studio must make sure that the following queries should be asked from them to get acceptable replies before hiring anyone recklessly.

Question # 1: How Much Do You Know About Video Animation?

An animator should be able to know all the tactics and basics of video animation and must be able to answer correctly about them. Also, it should be known by professional animators which form of animation is required in certain places.

Question # 2: What Is Your Qualification?

It would be the best and the wisest option to hire a person who not only has the proper knowledge about video animation but also have a qualified degree in the related field so that they should be aware of the work ethics and how things really animation methods in reality.

Question # 3: How Much Practice Do You Have in The Field of Video Animation?

It is not possible that a fresh graduate would have any experience in the field of their study, so if you are looking for a job make sure you hire someone with a good resume and credible experience. Whereas, inexperienced or beginner animators try to offer them an internship so that they can also gather some professional experience in this sector.

Question # 4: Have You Been Working for Freelance Clients or Do You Have Any Experience Working In a Professional Video Animation Studio?

Although both experiences would be a plus point in the resume of the animator, if the person has a background in working with a professional video animation studio, then it is more likely to happen that they know how to work in the office environment and with a team. Also, they would know how to serve quality at their best and be capable of delivering a quality project for the clients.

Question # 5: Can Create a Corporate Animated Video In Good Quality?

As corporate video animations are a matter of extreme delicacy and clients are very careful about their hiring, since it represents the image of the company or brand, it is essential that the animator should be able to create the video in high resolution.

Question # 6: What Types of Video Animation Do You Have Your Expertise In?

It could happen that the animator might have expertise in creating a few animated videos and does not have the proficiency in making other animated videos, but it would not be an issue as far as they can create an excellent quality video of the animation they are skillful in.

Question # 7: Can You Explain the Basic Differences In All the Types of Video Animations?

Although the animator you are interviewing does not have the aptitude to create all types of animated videos, they must have the know-how about all the video animated categories. They must be able to tell the fundamental differences among all kinds of video animations.

Question # 8: Which Software Do You Prefer to Create an Animated Video?

As there are countless tools available for 2D & 3D animations, Whiteboard video animations, explainer videos, and to create motion graphics, a professional animator must know which tool is the best to create each kind of animation.

Question # 9: Do You Like to Work In a Team or do You Prefer to Work in Isolation?

If an animator is choosing to interview for work in the office environment, it is imperative that they know how to work together as a team, rather than working alone. Make sure that the animator is comfortable working with the entire team of the graphics designing department.

Question # 10: How Much Time Does It Usually Take You to Complete a Complex Project?

Another important thing to know about the animator is that they must be able to complete the entire project efficiently, and on the date and time that they were assigned to deliver the project. They should not take too irrational amount of time to accomplish a project.

Question # 11: Are You Aware of the Latest Trends & Techniques of Video Animation?

A professional animator must have the knowledge that what methods and features are going into vogue so that they can follow the same while creating the animated video for the clients.

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