Latest features to integrate into a taxi booking app like Uber


Today’s fast-paced world allows us to book a cab from our smartphones with just a few taps. Instant gratification is what makes services attractive. The same goes for taxi services, food delivery, or on-demand massage services. The taxi industry has seen numerous changes since the inception of on-demand services and mobile apps. From cashless payments to SOS buttons, there is so much that these service providers offer. Let’s have a look at some of the revolutionary features that have been introduced in the taxi industry.

In-Built Chat 

This feature allows users and drivers to communicate with each other through chat. Sometimes it can be bothersome to keep calling the driver to know if he/she has arrived. Also, users might prefer to be notified through the text of their cab’s arrival rather than by calling. For these purposes, a messaging feature is extremely useful.

SOS Button

Safety is a priority. Despite how safe services are, a user will always feel at ease if they know they have a backup. This is why taxi services provide an SOS Button in case anything goes wrong. Emergency contact numbers are added to the app when it is first downloaded. Alerts are sent to the selected contacts when the SOS Button is tapped.

Book for Friend

There are situations when a friend cannot book a cab due to the lack of internet service or low battery on their smartphones. For this reason, the app allows another user to book for his/her friend. The user can select the pick-up location and destination. The friend will receive the booking information through SMS. 

Favorite Addresses

There are certain locations that are frequented by users. Instead of re-entering the location every time the user wishes to travel to it, the address is saved. So, when a user wants to go home or to work, they can just select the address that is already saved usually under those labels (home or work). 

Masked Calls

Users might be apprehensive about sharing their contact information with drivers. There have been cases where drivers have misused the number of users and created problems. For this reason, some apps provide the feature of making calls. The users’ number is not revealed, therefore keeping them and their information safe. 

Since you’ve figured out what new features you can add to your taxi-booking app, you also need to know-how. You can outsource development services if you do not have a team of your own. They usually work by charging hourly rates. Moreover, there has been a lot of progress in the field of app development

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Clone apps, a simple solution that imitates the framework of leading taxi booking apps are all the rage right now. One of the best development companies that offer customizable Uber clone scripts is Turnkey Town. Known for their taxi-app development services that are available at highly reasonable rates, they have catered to numerous clients’ needs. Check out their website if you’re looking for top Uber clone development services.

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