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Using Augmented Reality to Build Engaging Social Media Apps

Using Augmented Reality to Build Engaging Social Media Apps

In the current market Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the futuristic technologies. The latest AR trends are helping the future of social media to be more engaging than ever before. These days social media apps are coming with AR, helping to leverage the users around the globe.

AR is playing a vital role in shaping the future of social media. Augmented Reality experiences can be experienced by users of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more social media platforms are integrating AR. According to the stats, the number of mobile AR users are estimated to have grown 100% year-over-year to pass 1 billion. With the help of AR, social media is quickly becoming the consumers’ go-to channel for better mobile experiences. Therefore, AR social media trends are helping businesses to target potential customers. This is helping them to take advantage of the new trends and engage users immersively.

How AR is helping to build social media App better

There are many social media trends powered by technological advancements. Well, the fact is that social media is advancing with the user’s preference. Therefore, AR technology is evolving new opportunity for the users as well as the businesses in different ways. AR carry the potential to connect people from different corners of the globe. This is empowering the concept of social media apps.

In this case, using AR technology means allowing users to spend more time on social media. It is clear that most social media applications are more influenced and adding AR is a good choice. AR content is developing an opportunity for marketers to increase the rate of attracting users. Social media marketers can achieve conversions by targeting these users. As customers enjoy AR content, it can be the reason for businesses to opt for AR empowered strategies.

Benefits of AR in building engaging social media apps.

As social media is playing an essential part in today’s world. The marketing professionals are always keen to understand and analyze how new technologies will influence the future.

Virtual shopping

AR is majorly effective for online shopping from anywhere. This technology offers realistic visual effects to transform online shopping into a more engaging experience. Buying products using AR are more cost-effective as well as fun.

More Awareness

Brands in various verticals are in using AR for brand awareness. This is helping them to encourage customers to buy the products. Advertisements created through AR technologies leave a lasting impression on customers.

AR Live Events

AR offer has changed the prospect of attending live events. The concept of using AR in Live events is to offer the comfort of watching the event from your home. AR is being implemented by different brands that are appealing to target audiences and clients.

Generates Leads

Deploying AR to social media apps can develop more chances of high-quality leads for your business. Thus, integrating social media apps with AR technologies can help you to improve sales through social media channels.

AR videos

Augmented reality is the best way to educate users. Thus, interactive AR videos can help to engage more audiences. The AR content of such videos is created to endorse a business for product visibility.

Bottom line

Augmented Reality is creating a more promising future for social media users as well as businesses. The future social media trends are guiding social media marketers to take full advantage of AR technology. They can target new markets by adding 3D content, animations, and interactive content. The consumers will learn more about you through such AR empowered social media trends. Stay ahead with the Augmented Reality strategy that takes your businesses should towards the future with AR content for social media trends.

Author bio: He is a business analyst at Quytech, a leading app development company that provides the best Augmented Reality app development and VR app development Services.

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