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Using The Snap Map: Beginner’s Guide

snap map

If you’ve been using Snapchat for quite a while, then you’ve probably already come across the wonderful feature that Snapchat possesses that lets you share whatever you want to the world – the Snap Map! I mean, sure, you can share what’s going on with your life to the large list of friends you have, but isn’t sharing to the whole world even cooler?

You can see what’s going in the lives of the people who live in the city you’ve always dreamed of going to. Some people even share the local news, which informs you of their current situation. You can reach out to them and become friends online! Or, with your friends, you can share your location and share theirs – you can update each other all the time.

The Snap Map

So what is the snap map? It’s an interactive “live” map that you can access through the homepage of Snapchat. It lets you share your location with your friends and update them on what you’re doing through the “stories” function that Snapchat is ultimately popular for. Yes, it’s a map. Not only for your location but for the whole globe!

You can get your friends to post in that story as well – through the “Our Stories” option. This can let you and your friends simultaneously update each other without having to overcrowd everyone with conversations. It doesn’t matter if not all of your friends are on Snapchat or not, you can just tag them through their mostly used Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

The Features

Turn up the heat in your area, figuratively! Unless you have a heater, you can’t really do this, but it’s possible through the snap map! By this, we mean that the more an area has stories, the more “heat” they gather on the map. So a more active Snapchat community can show red(or other warm colors) on the map. Places with activity usually show up as blue or green.

The stories that show up on the snap map are different from those that would usually show up on your homepage. It’s more tailored to the exclusive and specific locations and the off-chance of an event(basketball game, graduation, a national holiday, or a community set event like the area 51 raid). You can see them on the homepage as well.

What makes the snap map more interesting is that they can let you know the location of your friends(if their ghost mode isn’t on), and you can even see their stories if they posted any. If their Bitmoji(which you can set up through the app) is visible, then you just have to tap on them and check out any of their stories. Don’t spy on and stalk your friends, though.

Opening and Using The Snap Map

Now we know that talking about the features really made it look like it’s nothing special, but we had to shorten the list just to get the meat and potatoes of what the snap map really is. Now, getting into the snap map is relatively simple, so you don’t really need to get confused. You just need to follow our basic steps, and you’ll be on your way to using the snap map!

Firstly, the most important step to getting into the snap map is to open the Snapchat app(obvious, I know). Once you’ve opened the app, you just need to pinch the screen while it’s on the camera mode(which automatically shows up when you open the app). The first thing you’ll see is your bitmoji and your friends who are in your area.

Alternatively, you can open the snap map by swiping down when your Snapchat is on the camera mode. Either swipe left or right to get into the camera and proceed to pinch or swipe down – whichever takes your fancy. If your snap map isn’t centered on your location, just tap on the little arrowhead above the circle on your screen’s bottom.


Now we know it seems a little useless or not that practical. Still, it’s definitely a smart way to keep yourself updated on those around you and for those around you to stay updated on you! Now, you can alternatively use this as your map on an area you haven’t been to before, it’s quick and easy. Just zoom in to where you are, and you’ll see all of the routes and pathways!

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