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Becoming a Writer Using Social Media

Social media may have started small, but is definitely here to stay. Not only has it changed the way that people interact with each other, but also how people stay informed and how they express their opinions. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perhaps the most well-known social networks. However, there are actually a plethora of other social media platforms out there. If you are a writer and are interested in publishing your creations online, there are other options to consider. Whether you are an amateur or an expert journalist, there is a place for your writing online.

Find the Best Fit for You

If you want to create content to influence an audience or make a difference in the world, it’s important to find the right spot for your writing. For example, two platforms with professional and serious audiences are Medium and Linkedin Pulse. 


Medium has been becoming very popular lately. It is a platform where readers go looking for high-quality content, and usually follow specific writers that they like or that interest them. For example, you can find publications from the well-known journalist and director of the Middle East Forum: Gregg Roman Medium.

This social network offers you not only a space to share your insights but also you can earn with your publications. However, the key here is launching unique, real, and trendy articles that people are interested in reading. Gregg Roman’s publications, for example, are normally analyses of matters in the Middle East.

Medium is linkable to your other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, so your followers can easily find you. It also has insights and metrics that can show you how many people are viewing, reading, and recommending your work.

Another huge advantage of Medium if you are hoping to get published someday is that multiple publishers and businesses now have scouts searching for great writing. The Huffington Post and Business Insider are just two of many scanning Medium for potential articles and contributors.

The most popular types of articles on Medium include writing on politics, culture, business, startups, technology, life learning, and entrepreneurship.

LinkedIn Pulse 

Boosted by Linkedin, Pulse has the objective of helping up your potential to find better job opportunities and become popular among your colleagues. It can help lead you to be recognized in your field. Publishing an article is easy and it will be automatically attached to your online resume. Pulse is also a great way to redirect traffic to your website or blog.

Creating content in Linkedin Pulse must also be professionally written and focused on an audience who is hungry for self-improvement. 

Start Creating

One important way to start seeing success is to simply start writing. Without content, there are zero chances of being seen or heard. Write down your ideas, turn them into a rough draft, and revise revise revise. Take your time, make sure you’re accurately expressing your thoughts, and then publish. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the next regular contributor to Business Insider!

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