Tips To Boost Holiday Sales Online

5 Tips To Boost Holiday Sales Online

Tips To Boost Holiday Sales Online

The holiday season marks a massive influx of online spending, thus it is the most opportune time for eCommerce stores! The online shopping spree from Black Friday to Christmas causes 50–100% more revenue than other shopping days throughout the year. Additionally, the customers you convert during this season are more likely to stick with your brand in the long run. To get a piece of this holiday sales pie, eCommerce stores need to buckle up well in advance so if you think when; Now is the TIME!

Check out these six quick-tips to boost your holiday sales online

1. Go Mobile

This one is more of a necessity! Even without the holiday season, optimizing the eStore for mobile compatibility is essential. The world is on the rise for smartphone usage and from emails to surfing to shopping, people prefer mobile more than desktops. Adobe reported smart devices, including mobiles and tablets, to account for 40% of total online sales during the 2018 holiday season. The numbers are only going to go up with the years and that is why our first tip is to be mobile-ready, if not already!

2. Festive Makeover

Visually attractive eCommerce stores sure leave a mark! People love everything about branding and consistency. The user interface of an eCommerce store is similarly crucial to its user experience and on-page SEO. Give your landing pages, offer banners, and home page a festive look to grab eyeballs. A Christmas theme or a Thanksgiving free shipping might win you, loyal customers if they feel pleased by visiting your store. Web development service providers offer free mockups for particular page designs. You can sign-up for any of them before implementing one on your eCommerce store.

3. Keep Your Retargeting Game Strong

Targeting new visitors and converting them might be challenging than retargeting old visitors. People who have abandoned the cart or have browsed your products and haven’t bought them are mostly convertible leads. Retarget them through various channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Emails during the holiday season. Providing them offers on their cart items or giving them discounts for holiday-specific shopping days will help you get those big bucks.

4. Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still the most ROI-generating channel out of all digital marketing channels. Starting from new offer information, holiday greetings, festive sale, new stock updates, retargeting, and cart abandonment messages; emails are the heroes! Make sure you plan your holiday email marketing campaign well in advance for the Q4 of the year. The holiday shopping starts with Thanksgiving weekend and lasts till the new year celebration. Keep your email game strong during all the holidays and consider sending more than one email for each holiday. Keep all the email marketing best practices in mind while crafting your campaign. Holiday-specific, catchy subject lines can do the trick for you in gaining the attention of the subscribers. Email open rate depends on subject lines, thus make sure you put appealing holiday email subject lines that work for your email marketing campaigns!

5. Incentivize the Visit and Instill a Sense of Urgency

When users visit your eCommerce store during the holiday season, they are most likely to have a high intent of purchasing a product. To convert them quickly, make sure your eStore is ready with incentives they can’t refuse. Free shipping on specific days, special festive discounts, new stock for the holiday season, seasons greetings during checkout, and giveaways are a few of the examples you can try. Another no-brainer is time-specific site-sale and offers! Decide a particular day and time to offer special discounts to increase sales during the holiday season. Make sure a visitor gets the feeling of missing out on deals if they don’t take a quick buying decision. You may even devise a whole email campaign that reminds your potential customers of ongoing offers that are soon to end. This will ensure you get conversions within a short duration of a period.

Final Thoughts

By implementing the tips mentioned above, your eCommerce store will be ready to rock the holiday season and there will be conversions that will follow suit. Holiday sales are essential for every retailer, make sure you put in efforts well in advance to reap the fruits that you wish to. Happy Holidays!

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