Free Dog Social Media App

PatchPets | A Free Dog Social Media App for Pet Lovers

Free Dog Social Media App

PatchPets is a globally accessible social platform that is a dog social media app which aims to create pet network and aims to connect dog owners around the world.

With this app, you get to know the closest location to a pet community around you. PatchPets app makes the life of both the dog and the owner better. The app gives you a chance to meet dog owners in your area. Your dog also meets up with other dogs and gets to interact.

This app further proves that social media platforms are not only for humans and man’s best friend can also get a chance to log in and experience all the benefits that come with social media. You can greatly improve the personality of your dog by signing up and letting your dog get to know other canines and interact.

To sign up, first, download the app on your phone, then create a user a profile for your dog that will include their photograph age, location breed, and size. You can also state the park you fancy going to and you will be instantly connected to other users in your area.

Features of the PatchPets App

The app allows you to discover new dogs and their owners that may be near your location enabling easy setups for play dates and meets. You get the location to nearby parks to take your dog for a stretch and also meet others in the parks. You get a chance to further explore the profiles of various dogs and chose those that would suit you better according to your preference. The filter through which you select the breed and size of the dog you are interested in helps reduce the lengthy process of going through numerous profiles.

Also, with this dog app, you could easily find businesses that are pet-friendly and even animal service providers like veterinaries and grooming services for your dog. The app allows you to message other users, participate in group chats and interact.

Advantages of Pet Social Media

Pet social media apps are no different from human social media apps. The twist is that all the users of this app are your fellow pet owners, animal lovers and also animal service givers. You connect with all these wonderful people who are concerned with the welfare of their animals. Networking has various perks like enjoying the company of fellow dog owners and also get advice on various issues concerning the well-being of the dog.

Pet social media app is a haven for animal lovers. This is one of the places where you will get a chance to see the cute dogs and read up on their amazing stories whilst sharing their photos and videos. With pet social media, you get access to support on various contentious issues that may concern the welfare of your animal. In case of an incident with your pet, you get the right advice and support on the most effective way to tackle the issue.

Pet social media is a great opportunity to meet new people who might share the same interest as you especially in matters pets. Making new acquaintances is an exciting experience which creates room for future friendships.


The PatchPets app is a great opportunity for your dog to get out and experience the world in the company of other dogs. The connection between canines can be visually seen by the dog’s happiness and playfulness when they meet up with their friends. The app gives you the chance to know where your dog’s friend can be found with ease and also connects pet lovers online. The app is free to download on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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