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The Best Way to organize your Magento website SEO tasks

It is important that the website’s user experience is of high quality if it is to be successful as an eCommerce website. It is important to optimize a website for a good user experience not only for your customers but also for your business. Moreover, optimizing your website can help you rank your site well in search engine results pages. All the major search engines today have made the user experience an important factor in determining their ranking factors.

It is true that when you optimize your website for search engines, you will eventually get more traffic that may convert into customers for your business.t optimizing a website for search engines is an arduous task, but you can accomplish all of this in a few clicks. Using the Magento 2 SEO Extension, you can do 80% of your SEO tasks automatically. Of course, you will need to set up a few things ahead of time. The following are the things you will need:

Meta Data Of A Web-Page:

The metadata of a webpage consists of meta titles and meta descriptions; both of these metrics are used to display the content of a webpage in search engine results. The results that appear at the top of the search engine result pages can be broken down into many groups. Because there isn’t enough space in the SERPs to display detailed information about every page, search engines use the metadata to help users choose the most relevant result.

The meta title of the webpage is shown in blue text and the description of the webpage appears in gray color in parallel lines under the meta title. There is a need for the website’s pages to be optimized in such a way that will help users find the page they are interested in.

There is no doubt that, when it comes to an eCommerce website where there are many products to be sold, there will be a lot more web pages. The number of pages on a website also increases the difficulty of optimizing each meta title and meta description. A Magento 2 extension that has been specifically designed to help with this is available. In addition to optimizing the meta title and meta description of the web pages using this extension, it saves a lot of time as well.

Sitemaps For Store:

There is no doubt that sitemaps are one of the primary components of the search engine’s ability to explore and validate the individual web pages of your website. The search engines will not index your web pages if there is no sitemap of any kind. Therefore, don’t expect your business to grow beyond the ranks of search engines. Whenever you upload a new product to your website, you need to update the sitemap every time you do so.

You do not need to install any additional extension in order to take care of this issue on your Magento website. When you use the extension discussed previously, you automatically generate a sitemap for your website, regardless of whether the sitemap is in XML or HTML format. Using the SEO extension, you can keep track of URLs and the sitemaps are automatically updated each time a new page is added. In this way, the search engines are able to keep track of new pages as they are created and index them as soon as they are published.

Make Your Pages Optimized For Rich Snippets:

It is important to have structured data in order to enable rich snippets in Google. A search engine’s ability to interact with you is based on the structure of the data. Using structured data, search engines are able to understand your website’s context in order to enhance the results they return to you. By having this information readily available, users can identify what kind of information is contained within the link that they desire to open.

The title, URL, and meta description that Google displays when it displays your page on a SERP are usually the ones that Google displays. By using rich snippets, search engines can display additional information such as product reviews, a business description, location, and price information, among other things. Below is a list of the different kinds of schema markups that exist, which are described in more detail below:


It is important to remember that there are individual and aggregated reviews, each with its own set of properties.


Rich snippets are one of the most effective ways of promoting products and special offers for online stores, in my opinion. Several properties are supported, including name, image, brand, identifier, price, currency, condition, and quantity.

Businesses & Organizations:

One of the properties of a business is its name, address, phone number, geolocation, and logo.


In addition to providing information about the food type, reviews, cooking time, serving size, calories, and more, rich snippets also provide information about the recipes on cooking websites.


It is great for describing both upcoming events and those that have already taken place if you use rich snippets. Besides date and time, duration, geolocation, and tickets, properties are also supported in addition to start and end dates, duration, and geolocation.

To apply all of this structured data to the Magento website or product pages, you would have to either use an individual extension for Magento or you would have to create your own. If you do not want to use the extension that is discussed in this content piece, you can just activate it and all the products schema markups will be implemented. There is no need to worry about adding new products since the Magento extension takes care of adding schema markup to every individual page without you having to add it manually.

Automatic Hreflang Tags Implementation:

Using the hreflang tag, you can rank your web pages for eCommerce stores that operate in several languages based on the location of your customers. As a result, you don’t have to create different URLs for different locations any longer, nor do you need to show the same page for different locations.

In addition to that, this attribute also helps you deal with the bounce rate problem that is common to most eCommerce websites. A Chinese website with Chinese content would be preferred over an English site in the case of Chinese users. If you would like to enable herflang tags on your product pages, category pages, and CMS pages, it is very easy.

Control The Search Engines As Per Need:

Sometimes, there are several pages on an eCommerce website that are specifically not to be indexed by the search engines. An eCommerce website, for example, has its cart pages and users’ accounts that cannot be indexed. By doing it manually, you will have to update the sitemaps every time a new user creates a customer account.

You can automate this process by installing the SEO extension on your website and controlling the Search Engine’s crawlers as per your needs. In general, search engine crawlers can index product pages of your website, but you can prevent them from indexing certain pages.

Add Canonical Tags to Prevent Duplication:

There is a problem that affects all the eCommerce websites that sell versions of the same product. When the same product is presented in different colors, sizes, or variations, it is considered a duplication of content. Since search engines penalize websites with duplicate content, you can easily add canonical tags to prevent this from happening in the future.

In addition to being beneficial for users, canonical tags also benefit search engines in that the primary product appears when a user searches for the product. Once the user lands on the product page, they can browse to the desired product’s version and choose to purchase it from there. In the case where all versions of the product are displayed in the SERPs, it might confuse the customer with the results.

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