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5 Common Website Design Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

There is nothing wrong with wanting to design your website yourself, or at least taking utmost control of the design when you hire a design agency to do it for you. It is definitely okay, to want to add your two cents into the blueprint of your brand’s website.

However, it is all too common for entrepreneurs to think a little ahead of themselves and end up making drastic mistakes throughout the design process. This results in the creation of a website that does not fulfill business goals – not even halfway.

Here are 6 common website designing mistakes that entrepreneurs make and you should avoid.

Assuming That Having An Passable Website Is Better Than None

This is the foundational problem that may generate all the rest of the problem.

Put an end to the belief that having any sort of website, even if it’s low quality and presents a bad user experience, is better than not having a website at all.

As a matter of fact, the reality is actually the opposite of this belief. One should rather not have any website than make one that gives the user a bad experience.

For instance, if you have never tasted a fruit, you are likely to be tempted to at least find out what the hype is about. Even without knowing what it tastes like, the mystery will always compel you and make you want to find out. But once you taste it, you are only left with an either/or possibility. You will either like the taste enough to want it again, or you might not like the taste and are unlikely to eat it again.

Websites are similar. The possibility of creating a digital market remains even when you don’t have a website. While good tastes bring your visitor back, a bad aftertaste can drive them away for good.

Bossy Or Awful CTAs

There are factors that make CTAs appreciable and factors that make them downright annoying. CTAs need to precise and brief, while making consumer feel like they will get some value for clicking on them. Bossy CTAs that pop up too often are unwanted, can make them dislike your firm altogether.

Unintelligent Content Or Whitespace

Good websites should be backed with consistent digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization or Social media management Dubai. Such aspects create website that is dynamic in nature, and allows better consumer engagement. A consumer will find a website attractive when it answers and provides solutions to their queries, and when it is comprehensible in doing so.

Don’t write any type of content you can come up with. Make sure you consider quality over quantity. White space should only be used where it is needed. Either ask a professional or laymen for feedback when adding white space to your web pages.

Difficult Navigation

Consumers may just up and leave your website if they cannot easily move around it or find the web pages they are looking for. Making your website mobile friendly can also help keep your visitor around for longer. Make sure your navigation tabs are easy to identify, quick to open and come with quality web copy.

Inaccessibility In Terms Of Contact

Some firms choose to not give out contact information like their email address and just add a contact and query form on their contact page. It is always preferable that you provide your customer with some kind of email address or phone number. This creates trust and acquaintanceship between your consumer and your brand.

If you really cannot do so, then it may be a good idea to only add contact forms that do not have too many fields required. Only a maximum or 2 or 3.

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