How to Fix an iPhone

How to Fix an iPhone Or iPad That Won’t Turn On

It’s no question that the Apple iPhone and iPad are probably the most versatile, most feature-rich, and most practical tech gadgets in the world. Their huge amount of global sales is proof of that. But while the well-loved Apple iPhone and iPad are a joy to have and to use, they can run into a couple of problems now and then. One of them is that you have an iPhone or iPad that no longer turns on.

Though it can happen to all iPhone or iPad users, it can be frustrating. Hence, instead of spending a lot of money on iPhone or iPad repairs to restore its working condition, consider fixing these iPhone or iPad problems yourself. If you don’t want to sell your iPad or iPhone, then this article is for you. This article aims to get you on the right track (and help you save money along with) by listing down the most helpful ways to fix an Apple device that won’t start.

8 Tips For Fixing an iPhone or iPad That Won’t Turn On

Here are some of the tips and tricks for fixing your iPhone or iPad that won’t turn on. Don’t miss to check out the last tip!


The basic one. If your iPhone or iPad is not getting turned on, then the reason might be that it has run out of battery. So to switch it on, plug it into a wall charger and wait for almost 10 minutes to recharge it. Make sure you are using a high-powered USB port with your device AC Adapter to charge it. Don’t try to use a keyboard USB port; it’s low-powered.

If recharging your iPhone or iPad does not solve your problem, try this one.


If you have tried switching your Apple gadget on and off again, then you can try a soft reset to fix this problem. To do this, the press holds the home and power buttons at the same time. Keeping them held for a few seconds will quickly wipe the display and you should see the white Apple logo with a black background. It will usually take 5-15 seconds and your iPhone or iPad will be restored in the proper working state.

But then again, if recharging or resetting your iPhone or iPad doesn’t solve the problem, you may also try another way.


If your Apple iPhone turns on but is having some problems with iOS, you should go for a restore option. Try restoring iPhone using the latest version of iTunes. Don’t forget to back up your Apple device before using this tip. To perform this, simply connect your iPhone to a computer and open iTunes if it does not open automatically. Once it opens, then click on “Restore” in the summary tab. This will also wipe the iPhone and all your data on it.

Once the procedure is done, iTunes will ask if you want to restore from an old backup. If you don’t have any previous backup, you will have to set up your handset as new. The process can take many hours to complete, depending on the speed of your device and the amount of data.

DFU Mode

Restoring your iPhone using a DFU mode is the best thing to do if you are having some trouble switching on your device. To enter DFU mode, make sure the device is turned off, which can be done by keeping a hold on the power and home button as you did when trying to reset the handset.

Once the handset is switched off, press and hold the home button while connecting it to your computer with iTunes already open. When you see the USB cable with an arrow towards an iTunes logo, you can release the home button. Then continue to follow the restore solutions mentioned above.

Try to Restore Your Device With Another Computer

If you are not able to restore your device or enter DFU mode then you should try restoring with another computer. Hope it will work. Sometimes there is a driver issue that stops your computer from recognizing your iPhone device. So, trying another one is worth going to!

Visit an Apple Store for Repair or Replacement

Above mentioned tips are the best, free ways to fix your iPhone or iPad that won’t turn on. If you are still having problems, the best advice I can give you is to go to the Apple Store.

When you approach a local or online Apple Store, they will be able to recommend you a repairing solution or offer you a replacement. However, if your iPhone or iPad is old and out-of-warranty, it might be expensive to repair and replace the device by Apple.

If you can’t afford an expensive repair or replacement, then try the below option.

Things to consider before buying an iPhone!

Sell Your iPhone or iPad or Recycle it Through Recycling Companies

If you are not interested in spending a lot of money on the repair or replacement of your Apple device, whether it is an iPhone or iPad. Don’t fret! You can sell or recycle your old or faulty Apple devices to one of the mobile phone recycling comparison companies and get cash in return. Normally, these companies allow you may recover almost 50-80% value of the iPhone or iPad, depending on its model and condition. So, you can make the most money and use it to invest in buying the new latest version.

To look for the right recycling company, all you need to do is to approach a top-rated mobile phone comparison website. Comparison sites are becoming more and more popular because of providing a very quick and easy recycling way. With a single, you can get a comparison of top recycling websites and find out the maximum price for your iPhone or iPad.

Sell or Recycle your iPhone or iPad and Help the Environment  

If you are thinking the recycling option gives you only one benefit that is a cash incentive, it’s not right. Mobile phone recycling companies also provide you a chance to contribute to promoting the Green Environment. When you discard your old unwanted iPhone or iPad in the landfills, the harmful substances (mercury, beryllium cadmium, chromium, lead, etc.) found in the Apple devices are distributed in the air and become a cause of air pollution as well as polluting the soil and groundwater.

So, it’s best to sell tech gadgets to recycling companies; they buy all kinds of mobile phones including Apple iPhones and iPads at good prices and recycle or reuse them appropriately to produce some new products.  

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