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The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Gaming Computer Simple

Having the best gaming computer used to be a rare privilege. Often only someone involved with the industry would be able to justify the expense needed to build or buy one.


But that doesn’t need to be the case today. As technologies advance, the prices of gaming computer parts tend to drop. Now, any hobbyist can have a professional gaming rig.

To get you started, here are the key points you need to look at when you build or buy a gaming computer

The Best Gaming Computer Needs the Best Video Card

The video card is the cornerstone of your gaming computer. It handles all the visual elements for your computer, which tends to be the most taxing feature of any game.

A basic requirement of any video card is that it can process video at 60 frames per second. While it is technically possible to run many modern games at half that rate, your experience will suffer in proportion to that cut—60 fps, if not higher, should be the standard.

The Processor Is the Engine of Your Machine

After the video card, the processor is the next most important factor in computer performance.

As the name suggests, it’s responsible for handling the huge amount of information your computer needs to process. Imagine you’re playing a first-person shooter. The processor is the part that makes sure your shots all land where they’re supposed to according to the rules of the game.

That said, it’s not quite as important as the video card, and most off-the-shelf processors like the Intel Core i5 will do just fine.

You want to consider the importance of keeping that processor cool. In an intense gaming session, your processor can heat up to the point that performance suffers, even crashing mid-session. So be sure to explore robust cooling solutions.

Don’t Forget the Memory

Random-access memory, often just called memory or RAM, is a component that works in conjunction with your processor. It helps your machine handle the large amounts of information needed to play and stream games.

For playing, 8GB of RAM should be sufficient. But if you plan to stream games, 16 or 32GB is a requirement.

Finishing Touches

The previous sections cover the main types of computer parts that your machine needs to run. But aside from those, you’ll want to put your stamp on your device.

The case is the most noticeable aesthetic piece, and there are plenty of modifications you can make to suit your tastes. You also need to think about accessories like keyboards and headsets. To see examples of some of these, along with the core components we discussed, you can get info here.

Building the Best Gaming Setup You Can

Compared to just a few years ago, now is a great time to be a compute gamer. Sure, there’s always expensive new tech coming out. But you’ll find that rarely will you need the absolute bleeding-edge technology to compete with the best. Instead, focus on getting the best gaming computer for you.

Then all you need to do is remember to keep your machine current. To make sure you’re always up-to-date with new parts and trends, keep up with our latest tech news and guides.

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