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Top 6 Gadgets That Every Proud Workaholic Should Have

If you’re a workaholic, I am sure that you can never take a break and you’re likely to be more organized and in touch with all the latest work-related developments. Being a workaholic has its pros and cons but it doesn’t really matter because they just love their jobs and what they’re doing.

Being a workaholic gets you to be engaged in what you do which somehow helps you to turn your focus away from your problems and stress that you can’t do anything about. Also, loving what you do will most likely advance you in your career. A lot of people will admire your ability to organize and manage projects and have this great sense of achievement.

Here in this article, we share with you some of the top gadgets that you should have if you really embrace your passion for work.

USB Cup Warmer

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We all know how workaholics cannot survive a day without their morning cup. When we get too absorbed by our work, we ignore our coffee and it tends to get cold, losing most of its flavor and energizing feeling.


Having a USB cup warmer, you can keep your coffee near your computer and ensure it is always warm. This works really simple and all you need to do is plug the USB in your port and the surface near the area will be warmed up. You can place your coffee cup on it and there you have it! Your coffee won’t get even get cold.


Smartphone and Apps

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Almost everyone uses a smartphone and there are immeasurable apps that can make you perform better at work, more organized and more productive. Smartphone apps really come in handy if you want to be organized and need help in tracking your daily schedule and remind you of the things that you need to finish.

Smartphones can be lifesavers for busy people. For instance, you can find various alarm apps that will make sure that you are never late. Having a smartphone allows you to have access to the internet and lets you use your email at all times so you can be updated on the recent work-related happenings.

You can download Microsoft word or powerpoint on your phone if you are outside the office and if you need to work on a presentation. There are so many available knowledge management systems that are already on smartphone versions which can help you with your tasks and responsibilities. 


Wi-Fi Extender

What’s a smartphone without a strong internet connection, right? Wi-Fi extenders should be included on your list. We’re all pretty convinced here that when you’re a workaholic, you don’t use one gadget but you may be using three to four gadgets and all of these need Wi-Fi. If the signal is weak and the connection always break then you can’t really use them in their full potential.

A Wi-Fi extender is portable and you can bring it with you anywhere. It’s easy to set up and will instantly boost your Wi-Fi reception so that the connection is stable. 


Portable Battery Charger

This comes handy in case emergency gets in the way. Most of our gadgets can only keep their power for 4-5 hours at best. This portable battery charger comes handy in case your phone and your computer run out of battery power and there is no electrical socket nearby to plug them in.

To cope up with your productivity, a portable battery charger is already a battery itself that has USB plugs that can store a lot of power for your phone. It’s also great for long distance trips and of course, it’s portable!


Portable Hard Drive

A workaholic has a lot of files on their computer. Most of these files have sensitive data that people are not that always comfortable knowing that their documents can be easily accessed online. So if you’re the type of person that has plenty of documents that you need to work with, then you should have a portable hard drive in order to store them.

It can fit in your bag and you can have the access to its database in case you need it. Plus, it’s a must-have in case your computer or main hard drive crashes, you have your backup version of your documents with you.



Since workaholics are busy always, they should not also forsake their health and fitness. This is a great gadget so you can keep track of your daily activity and organize your day accordingly. A pedometer can measure how much exercise you get in a day to keep you fit and healthy. It will help you work for a healthy dose of daily physical activity and make sure you maintain your tempo.

There are a lot of gadgets that are not mentioned in this list but these are just the most valuable ones. If you have one, we would like to hear them! On the note, don’t work too hard all the time because you might miss out on a lot of valuable life experiences.

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Zapals, an international online shopping powerhouse for global shoppers that provides vast high quality products at the lowest prices. Ivandrea gives tips for a seamless shopping experience and information on the latest gadgets.

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