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Best office productivity gadgets for Your Employee Comfort

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Are you looking for ideas to make the workplace more enjoyable and productive for your employees? A comfortable working environment brings a focus and gives much-needed motivation for your team. You need to add productivity gadgets that will make life away from home better for your employees. 

It’s often hard to ignore office gadgets that boost productivity and optimise the working on a day to day basis. These make office life more convenient by letting your employees get more work done in lesser time. 

Any gadget that saves time and brings in comfort is undoubtedly worth the money. If planning to buy a few productivity gadgets for your employees and not sure where to start, don’t fret. We have picked some awesome office gadgets that bring energy and productivity to your work environment. 

Portable Scanner

Having gadgets that save time, space and look cool are pure bliss. A portable scanner is exactly the gadget that you should go for. Scan every document with ease -paper docs, receipts or photos, and in a second, send them to the cloud storage or your computer’s hard drive

What’s more, its lightweight, compact and you can roll it like a magazine. Take it along anywhere, and power supply is never an issue as it comes with a rechargeable battery. Generally, these rechargeable batteries last for functional 400-500 scans in a single recharge. 

IP-based Surveillance System

Yes, that’s the direction where surveillance systems are moving. It is evolving each day with new features getting added with technology. The benefits of IP based surveillance system are easy to understand. Not only do you get to see what is going on, but you also get the crisp digital picture, remote access, scalability and other features making it hard to ignore for your office. 

Moreover, the dramatic improvements in hardware are matched powerfully by the analytics software. These bring in features like motion detection, people counting and more. 

Smart Pen

Now this entry makes it look that we have gone too far with office gadgets in our list. These simple items are incredibly useful in any professional work environment. These smartpens are not a pen but also act as tablet-friendly Stylus with 16 GB memory or more and a phone cable as well. 

Made with stainless and brass, these are very sturdy. With its built-in battery to charge your devices on the go, you can take it along everywhere and make a good impression every time you use it. 

Adjustable Desk CPU Holder

When it comes to ergonomics at your desk, then a CPU holder is a must-have gadget in your office. Often, the CPU placement, cable management and over organisation takes a back seat considering it to be a part of ‘not so important’ list. The first thing that the CPU holder does is that it maximises your space. For the ones, who have an issue in bending and kneeling, a CPU holder brings it to your arm’s reach. 

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You can glide it horizontally and swivel a full 360 degrees without getting caught in the network of cables that run through it. Moreover, it works to protect it from dust and keeps your computer secured. 

High-Tech Memo Board

Most of us believe that paper memos are a waste, and often these get landed in the trash can. If you are the one who finds little utility of the paper memos, then its time to opt for a high-tech memo board. 

Using it anywhere, the kitchen, meeting room or even your desk, it always makes sharing of information, big announcements or even quotes of the day fun and effective. 

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