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Corporate LMS: Align your Corporate Training Program for Business Success

Over the years, the business landscape has witnessed rapid and significant growth and shift in substantial aspects. With globalization gaining ground, tech innovations and trends reshaping the respective industry verticals, and with the growing popularity of outsourcing services, it has become a must for corporate and large enterprises to remain updated and competitive. As the popular adage goes “knowledge is power”, most businesses would second it considering the current scenarios.

A corporate LMS or learning management system has become essential for corporate training programs. It plays a pivotal role in the changing corporate learning landscape as it is instrumental in the shift from conventional instructor-led training to e-Learning virtual classrooms. A corporate LMS seems to be the aptest, reliable, and cost-effective solution for corporate and enterprises.

So, what exactly is a corporate LMS?

A corporate LMS essentially is a software application hosted on remote cloud servers to deliver course content to employees digitally. It has a wide array of use case scenarios. Some of the key ones are onboarding training requirements for new employees, on-the-job training for existing employees, skill upgrade training, corporate courses, etc.

Now, let’s highlight why corporations might need a corporate LMS. The reasons are:

·       Huge Cost Savings: Corporates can save on the cost which was earlier incurred due to instructor travel, accommodation, classroom infrastructure, and learning resources, etc.

·     Seamless Experience: A corporate LMS enables access to course content anytime, anywhere and with a touch of personalization at times. It sure will improve the employee’s learning experience, engagement and productivity levels, ultimately the business ROI.

·       Easy Assessment: While it’s important to enable your workforce with a robust learning platform, it’s equally important to ensure that their learning level is as expected. Here comes the role of assessing the learning journey. A corporate LMS offers intuitive and detailed insights into individual employee’s learning performance. This kind of insight will enable corporate training and development leads to offering constructive feedback to the employees for better performance as well as reward those who are deserving.

Here are some of the key benefits of leveraging a corporate LMS.

Better Employee Onboarding:

The HR and Talent Management team can better relate to it! Onboarding new employees, appraising them of organizational vision, mission, and core values, as well as their roles and responsibilities, is a daunting task. While it’s challenging to establish a person-to-person induction, it might not turn out as expected as well.

A corporate LMS is rather a robust and scalable solution for onboarding training needs. The HR team can have the organizational documents and guidelines uploaded in the LMS so that the new employees can access them at their pace and convenience. This is a more effective way of seeing through the entire gamut of onboarding activities.

Comprehensive Product Training:

As organizations scale, their product and service stack expand proportionately. However, training different sets of employees on a particular product or conducting training for each product feature update might be daunting and easier said than done.

However, with a corporate LMS, the resources and product manuals can be easily updated digitally without much of a hassle and resource investment. It is particularly instrumental if the organization is planning to expand its product portfolio or anticipating frequent feature updates.

On-the-job Training:

As the name suggests, on-the-job training aims at enabling employees to learn their way around while working. However, there is a chance that the employee might not grasp the intended concept and it might impact the functional productivity directly. A corporate LMS is beneficial in combating this concern.

Monitoring & Tracking:

A corporate LMS makes it easy to keep a tab on individual learner journeys in real-time. This can help management or the HR team to offer constructive feedback to the employees as well as gamify the learning aspect.

Employee Retention:

As we have pointed out earlier in the article, employees tend to stay where they are appreciated and where they see a scope of growth personally and professionally. A corporate LMS becomes their perfect partner in realizing their career objective and preparing them for future responsibilities.

An LMS for corporate training is vital in a business’s success and overall growth. It is the technology or platform which is here to stay for the foreseeable future. If you are yet to tap on the potential of it, make sure to get in touch with the experts at Alpha Learn today!

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