Type of Cloud Service

How to Know Which Type of Cloud Service You Need for the Business?

Cloud is the future of computing & businesses are adapting to the technological needs with each passing day. It is the kind of technology meant for all kinds of business, irrespective of its size & geography. Businesses shouldn’t miss out on the available opportunities and in today’s world, technology is imperative to make significant progress. Select the right kind of cloud service providers who can guide you with the type of cloud service best suited for the business as per the budget.

Type of Cloud Service

Are you unaware of cloud technology & want to know the most effective type of cloud model for your business? You will get all the minute details in this post & this will help select the right kind of cloud service. There are mainly 3 cloud models namely SaaS, IaaS, & PaaS. Leverage the possibilities of the cloud service model by bringing efficiency & flexibility to the business process. You can seamlessly embrace the power of cloud technology to streamline the business, within a secured environment.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Cloud? How is it Useful?
  1. Cloud Service Models – SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
  1. Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud – What Fits your Business?
  1. Factors to Help You Choose the Right Kind of Cloud Service Provider
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Service Levels
  • Manageability
  1. Final Thoughts!

What is Cloud? How is it Useful?

Cloud is a buzzword used by techies to indicate the virtual environment for storing IT infrastructure & resources. In traditional IT infrastructure, the business data & processes are housed in the internal network & the data is stored in the server owned by the businesses. But there is the risk of data theft in such a kind of local infrastructure! It is imperative to shift the resources to the cloud for instilling efficiency in business operations.

Type of Cloud Service

Cloud computing is using the internet to provide access to resources for businesses & runs the applications on a server which are rented. Businesses don’t need to worry about the storage of data & quick recovery of data is possible now. Programs are living on the cloud & it is just another giant server connected to the local users. The apps can be accessed remotely and pay only for what you use!

Here is an overview of the cloud benefits –

It is scalable. The cloud service is allowing scaling up & down of computing resources for easy accommodation of the changing environment.

It is affordable. The cloud services cost very little & also eliminate the unwanted costs associated with hardware upgrades & easy maintenance.

It secures the business data. The cloud services are ensuring storing of data in safe data centers & make the data secured with top-notch security protocols.

Are you looking to make your business more dynamic? The cloud is the way to reduce the cost of IT resources & maintain a dynamic environment. Now the question comes which kind of cloud model fits your business needs? The question is a tricky one but we will try to provide you the best answer. Contact the cloud service provider to discuss the most effective cloud services.

Cloud Service Models – SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

There are 3 kinds of cloud models as follows –

IaaS (Infrastructure as Service) – It is the type of service model that is offering fundamental infrastructure of network, OS, data storage, and virtual servers. There is no need for hardware installation in offices and it provides the kind of flexibility & reliability that the business seeks. Thus, it is best suited for small or medium-ranged businesses looking for affordable solutions. Businesses can get it as a private, public, or hybrid infrastructure.

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) – Businesses can develop and run their applications on it as the service provider deploying the infrastructure framework on it. The service is robust and helps the creation of web applications. You get scalable solutions that are ideal for business environments. It is also best suited for times where the data source can be leveraged.

SaaS (Software-as-the-Service) – It is a valuable tool for CRM and its applications that requires secured access. SaaS services are managed from a central location and businesses need not worry about its management. The cloud computing solution ensures the deployment of software over the internet for businesses.

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud – What Fits your Business?

Type of Cloud Service

It is important to distinguish among the various cloud computing models to find the best one that suits your business. In the public cloud, the business needs to share the cloud space with other businesses. Whereas in the private cloud, the business will be allotted a separate space to store their IT infrastructure. The selection of the right kind of cloud will depend on the budget & the business requirement.

The pros of public cloud –

  • It is hosted & managed by a third party to save costs on in-house data centers.
  • It can be accessed by the general public.
  • It ensures or allows quick and efficient scaling.
  • It ensures the meeting of security requirements through proper negotiations.

The pros of private cloud –

  • The access is limited to employees or business partners. It ensures stronger data security.
  • It is managed by individual companies allowing for customized data security measures.
  • It provides the benefit of the public cloud, with more data security.

The private cloud is the most preferred choice for businesses looking for privacy & data security. The public cloud is meant for businesses looking to save money on IT infrastructure. It can be hard for small companies to manage the cost of private cloud, but it will ultimately prove to be the right decision in the long run.

Factors to Help You Choose the Right Kind of Cloud Service Provider

There is the absence of a common framework to assess the cloud service providers & also no two CSPs are the same. This is making the selection of the right kind of cloud service provider a difficult task. Businesses need to evaluate the options offered by various cloud service providers to support the business’s objectives & functions.

Here are the factors that need to be considered for the right kind of cloud service provider –

Cloud Security

Check the cloud security measures in place to comply with the business’s cloud security goals. Consider the security features offered by the vendors, along with the availability of additional paid services.

Cloud Compliance

Select the cloud architecture platform that helps to meet the compliance standards applied to the industry. It is important to understand what it takes to achieve compliance, once the data is in the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Architecture

Think about the cloud architecture incorporated in the workflows when choosing a cloud provider. Consider the cloud storage architecture when deciding on the right kind of cloud services.

Service Levels

It is the consideration of businesses having strict needs in terms of availability & response time! Establish a clear contractual relationship between the cloud service provider & business for the best results.


Spend time in determining various cloud platforms & each of the services supports different orchestration tools. Determine how much time & effort it will take to manage different aspects of cloud infrastructure.

Final Thoughts!

Cloud services are meant to ease the cost of IT infrastructure & also instill the right kind of data security. Businesses need to select the kind of cloud services that suits their business needs & budget. The companies are able to leverage the resources & get access to private & secured servers. Cloud solutions are offering the best option to back up data & mobilize the network resources.

The adoption of cloud services is a sign of a rapidly changing environment & the forecast is shading light on the cloud becoming the primary computing resource for enterprises in the future. Each of the above-mentioned cloud models differs in their structure & it is important to select the kind of service apt for the needs.  

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