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Microsoft Dynamics at its Best for your Business

Microsoft Dynamics

If you are planning to get detailed information about Microsoft Dynamics, then you have landed in the right place. This article will enlighten you on each and everything about Microsoft Dynamics software.

So, without any further ado, let’s move ahead. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an excellent unifier for your business or start-up. It is a bundle of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. If you are planning to integrate Microsoft Dynamics into your business, you can take help from Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

You can bring your business together as a cohesive unit through the seamless integration of people, processes, and data of your business. Microsoft Dynamics will help businesses make smarter decisions through built-in AI and analytics tools combined with guided action suggestions. 

What is included with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has smartly combined Dynamics CRM and ERP tools into one cloud-based product. the apps present in Microsoft 365 include Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Marketing, Financials, and Operations. You might be aware of each one of them.

Microsoft has added two new apps to the family – PowerApps, and Flow – so that users can customize their Dynamics solution. Here is a bit of information about them:

PowerApps comes with a no-code approach while building mobile apps with specific functionality. For instance, an organization can make a time and expense app that runs on mobile devices and updates the data in the CRM. 

Flow is a process and task automation tool that is capable of connecting different applications and services. The majority of the apps that can be used with Flow are cloud-based but it also supports an on-premises environment. 

Useful features of Microsoft Dynamics

What other way would be better to gauge the efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics than by looking at the useful features that it has? Therefore, to make you more familiar with the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics, here is a list of the top features of Microsoft Dynamics that make it a huge success and a preferred choice of various business owners around the globe. 

  • Highly adaptable apps 

The apps that are present in Dynamics 365 are highly adaptable and will fulfill your business as well as your specific department needs. Each of the applications is developed to work great on their own, and even better when combined together. 

You can choose the application you wish to start your initial process with and then gradually add more applications to your operations as you need them. The Microsoft Dynamics applications are browser-based can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. 

Above all, you get the administrative tools that provide you the ultimate control over how the settings are configured to meet your organization’s requirements and security needs. With the help of Microsoft Power Platform, you can build custom and automated experiences to enhance all your data processes. 

  • Smart Search of Dynamics 365

The smart search option has made it possible to find information through all records, contacts, templates, as well as stored opportunities. The intelligence present behind the search engine has made it feasible to obtain better and faster information – saving the time and effort of your teams. 

As you might know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can support more than just a single work team; the smart search tool also provides access to the data that representatives were unaware of. They can use this data to back decisions that were otherwise difficult to make. 

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence are a part of the Dynamics tool to help a business achieve their goals through predictive insights, prescriptive advice, and action next steps with workflows. Organizations get a suite of business analytics tools that are capable of accessing your data and deriving meaningful reports from anywhere and anytime. 

The reports will automatically get updated with any changes to your data. For instance, using Cortana will allow cross-selling recommendations to help the salespeople which products or services a customer is looking for. 

  • Integrated experiences 

Various data and computer-associated services have data and logic capabilities that are disjointed from each other. This forces the team to build unique data and logic stacks for each application. With this process, building an integrated experience is not an easy thing to do. 

To tackle this problem, the Common Data Service (CDS), which is a cloud-scale database, is used. CDS can securely store data while letting your applications and other procedures interact with a single set of data shapes as well as business logic. 

You can run CDS in Microsoft Azure without any hassle. Apart from understanding the data shape, it also analyses the best option to store different types of data. CDS can automatically store images, assets, and blogs as text strings in a tabular format. All the themes present in CDS are open-source and are the foundation block of the Common Data Model (CDM). CDM is used to define objects such as entities, attributes, semantic metadata, and relationships so that there is consistency in the way the data is defined and connected. 

Start and grow easily with Microsoft Dynamics

What if we say that you can handle your business processes such as quotes, orders, invoicing, purchasing, finances, and analytics through Microsoft Dynamics 365? Won’t it be great for you and your business? 

With quicker adoption and lesser training time, this powerful tool has an easy-to-use interface just like the other Office tools that you have been using. It’s time to work where your business takes you. The desktop, laptop, and smartphone versions come with the same powerful capabilities and functionalities. 

Manage your business at a faster pace with the help of Microsoft Dynamics in the trusted Microsoft cloud. 

Wrapping up

Microsoft Dynamics is wholly committed to the cloud and offers the advantages of the cloud. You can operate on a cloud-based architecture with real-time data tracking and centralized control. 

It will help you save time, money, and effort while increasing the collaboration and productivity of your teams to a great extent. 

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