How to Know Which Type of Cloud Service You Need for the Business?

How to Know Which Type of Cloud Service You Need for the Business? - How to know which type of cloud service you need for your business

Cloud is the future of computing & businesses are adapting to the technological needs with each passing day. It is the kind of technology meant for all kinds of business, irrespective of its size & geography. Businesses shouldn’t miss out on the available opportunities and in today’s world, technology is imperative to make significant progress. Select the right kind of cloud service providers who can guide you with the type of cloud service best suited for the business as per … Read more

MilesWeb: Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider in 2021

MilesWeb: Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider in 2021 - 4 MilesWeb Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider in 2021 PM

Are you tired of the in-house hosting and planning to switch to a better platform? Here is a blog for you. Let’s look at web hosting first before moving on to cloud web hosting and the hosting provider. When you’re working on a website, you need to set aside some space on the web servers to make it visible to the audience. Hosting refers to placing web pages on the web servers. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud … Read more

Impact of Cloud Service in Mobile Industry

Cloud computing

Mobile apps development has become universal in this mobile-driven world. The domain is growing at a speedy pace with the arrival of advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and AR. But, the introduction of cloud technology is the frosting on the cake. Cloud mobile app development or cloud-based mobile app development is obtaining spot swiftly in the corporate sector. Across the world, entrepreneurs have started adopting cloud technology for their business processes. According to a survey, cloud data markets will take … Read more

Lenovo announces new end-to-end data management solutions

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F

Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) announces new end-to-end data management solutions allowing customers of all sizes to harness data more securely and efficiently, from edge to core to cloud, with a single set of tools and capabilities for a smarter way forward. Accelerating Data Insights and Reducing Data Management Costs from Edge to Cloud The new Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F brings high-performance, low-latency all-NVMe storage at an affordable price point, enabling customers of all sizes to enhance analytics and AI deployments while accelerating … Read more

A Layman’s Guide to Cloud Management

Guide to Cloud Management

Growing a successful business is all about improving your network capabilities, with the need for greater technology and more efficient operations. Often this comes with a hefty price tag with server computers costing thousands. Cloud computing has become a powerful, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to the more traditional method. To make the most out of your cloud computing ventures, read this guide on what cloud management entails, its benefits, and useful tips. What is cloud management? Cloud management is the … Read more

DevOps Cloud Security Systems for Sustainable Operations

cloud security system

Organizations deal with a vast amount of confidential data, which is subject to threat. A breach of data security may impact the sustainability of the operations.  There is a constant exchange of critical information between a business and its customers, vendors, or third-party agencies. A DevOps Cloud Security System can support secure data flow, which aids in smooth operations.   With secured platforms provided by companies like, you’ll get access to better management and security practices with benefits like: Secured Environment Business … Read more

How Hybrid Cloud Can Improve Mobile Quality Testing

How Hybrid Cloud Can Improve Mobile Quality Testing - cloud storage upload and download data management P6Q372R

Image source: Elements Envato Have you ever heard of a hybrid cloud and how it can positively affect your business? Have you ever been told that you can significantly benefit from hybrid clouds? Well, are all these true? Is the hybrid cloud really good for your business? If not, then why? If yes, then how? First, let’s define what a hybrid cloud is. Hybrid cloud refers to a mix of both public and private clouds. For these two platforms to … Read more