Guide to Cloud Management

A Layman’s Guide to Cloud Management

Growing a successful business is all about improving your network capabilities, with the need for greater technology and more efficient operations. Often this comes with a hefty price tag with server computers costing thousands. Cloud computing has become a powerful, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to the more traditional method. To make the most out of your cloud computing ventures, read this guide on what cloud management entails, its benefits, and useful tips. What is cloud management? Cloud management is the … Read more

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DevOps Cloud Security Systems for Sustainable Operations

Organizations deal with a vast amount of confidential data, which is subject to threat. A breach of data security may impact the sustainability of the operations.  There is a constant exchange of critical information between a business and its customers, vendors, or third-party agencies. A DevOps Cloud Security System can support secure data flow, which aids in smooth operations.   With secured platforms provided by companies like, you’ll get access to better management and security practices with benefits like: Secured Environment Business … Read more

How Hybrid Cloud Can Improve Mobile Quality Testing

Image source: Elements Envato Have you ever heard of a hybrid cloud and how it can positively affect your business? Have you ever been told that you can significantly benefit from hybrid clouds? Well, are all these true? Is the hybrid cloud really good for your business? If not, then why? If yes, then how? First, let’s define what a hybrid cloud is. Hybrid cloud refers to a mix of both public and private clouds. For these two platforms to … Read more


Trend Micro Releases Innovations That Increase Security for Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and G Suite Gmail

Trend Micro Incorporated , a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced enhancements to its Deep Security™ and Cloud App Security products designed to extend protection to virtual machines on the Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes platform protection, container image scanning integration with the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Gmail on the G Suite. To address this need, Trend Micro has created a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Connector that enables automated discovery, visibility and protection of GCP virtual machine instances. This eases … Read more

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Cloud Storage Is Expensive? Are You Doing it Right?

In my day to day job, I talk to a lot of end users. And when it comes to the cloud, there are still many differences between Europe and the US. The European cloud market is much more fragmented than the American one for several reasons, including the slightly different regulations in each country. Cloud adoption is slower in Europe and many organizations still like to maintain data and infrastructure in their premises. The European approach is quite pragmatic, and … Read more

Top Reasons Why You Have To Utilize a Cloud Backup Service

In the modern digital era, data is a very important aspect if we talk about information. No one wants to lose their data as it can be useful for future use. But you don’t have any control over hard drive failure, hacking and human error so you have to take the help of cloud backup services. As the name itself suggest, cloud backup is a type of backup plan used to store information or date in the cloud or remote … Read more

A look beyond 2019: AI, blockchain and quantum – and what this means for the cloud behemoths

As technology changes, the roles the key actors play changes with it. The feted Institute of Engineering and Technology hosted analysts from CCS Insight, who gave wide-ranging predictions on the state of the enterprise technology ecosystem – with the biggest cloud players featuring heavily in future trends. The yearly jamboree has taken on something of a life of its own, with press headlines regularly questioning some of the more outlandish claims the company has made – on… Latest from … Read more