5 Tech Gadgets to Get Your Employees that Work from Home

Work from Home

If you are an employer or a business owner, there are high chances that your business changed in some form due to the current pandemic. Many of the changes that have come as a result of the pandemic have included employers asking their employees to work from home where they are able to complete their jobs safely. If your employees are working from home, it is important to ensure that they have the tools that they need to perform their jobs correctly. Consider getting your employees the five gadgets which are found below to help them in their new remote job.

1. Office Headset

If your employees work in customer service or if they work on the phones throughout the day, it is important to get them some type of headset for their office space. Consider the Plantronics office headset for a set that can help your employees truly stay focused no matter the call that they may be on. These headsets have noise-canceling capabilities, and if they have to get up and move around while on the phone, they can as the headset is Bluetooth controlled. In order to help the battery to remain charged, all they have to do is simply plug the headset into the wall charger at night.

2. Home Speaker

If you want to help your employees feel more productive at home and want to go the extra mile, consider getting them a smart speaker. Some of the most basic smart speakers are not that expensive if you do have a small team to supply for. They can ask the smart speaker questions and can perform math if necessary straight through the voice activation technology that is offered. They can also check the time, set alarms, set timers, and do many other work-related tasks straight from the speaker without getting distracted from their work.

3. Wireless Computer Accessories

If you want your employees to have the best computer accessories possible, get them a wireless computer and wireless mouse. These products are Bluetooth compatible as well so that they can hold their mouse and keyboard where they are comfortable for them. The laptop keyboard can become uncomfortable for your employees, so if you want them to be comfortable consider one of these keyboards. Make sure that the ones you choose do have sensitivity controls so that the response time and the button controls work well for each of your employees and their own standards.

4. Monitor

The laptop monitor is extremely small and can only hold so much space for your employees to keep the information that they need up at all times. Consider purchasing them an additional monitor that they can display the information that always needs to be seen on the monitor. If there is a meeting, for instance, the conference could be on one screen while they could still be taking notes or working on the other. Plus, this gadget could be a welcome treat for your employees as they can use the monitor for other uses as well when they are not on the clock.

5. Ergonomic Supports

Though a wireless mouse and keyboard can provide more comfort to your employees, they can receive even more comfort from ergonomic supports. These tech gadgets can support the wrists of your employees while they are typing or using the mouse. This can help them prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome or some other painful condition that is unnecessary. They simply rest their wrists in the supports on the mouse pad or on the keyboard pad which helps to keep them relaxed and comfortable without requiring additional breaks.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take care of your employees who are now having to perform remote work, consider getting them the gadgets which are found above. These can help them to be more comfortable in their home offices and can help them even being more productive in their spaces. These are all affordable as well so that the prices can fit into your business budget. Your employees will feel grateful and will become loyal to your brand and to your company so that you may even develop employees for the long-term.

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