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How to Fit Two Monitors On a Small Desk

Because most of us spend a tremendous amount of hours at our desks every day, it has become extremely important to pay attention to the initial setup. Your desk space shouldn’t wear you out every day, and a few well-placed adjustments can significantly improve the environment so you get the best out of your setup.

how to fit two monitors on a small desk

While dual monitor setups can offer huge benefits for those using spec your own workstation, they can also constitute a space problem. The truth is, no matter how much desk space you have, it might never be sufficient for you. But how can we deal with this problem to make your work or play environment more productive? Keep reading to figure out how to conquer a dual monitor setup with limited desk space.

The Basics

Before we jump off to the best part, we want to make sure you have considered all the necessary elements for an ideal setup. These basics aren’t peculiar to dual monitor users or people with limited space problems, they are universal considerations to tackle for every computer space setup. Let’s go over the basics, shall we?

  • Lighting: the quality of lighting in your space has a direct effect on your mood which in turn affects your well-being. If you can help it, choose to set up your workspace in a room with lots of natural lighting and position your desk near a window.
  • Monitor placement: to eliminate shoulder problems, and incorrect posture, and limit eye strain, you have to critically consider monitor placement for your setup. Setting up a dual monitor workstation will depend on the type of work you do, the rate at which you will use each monitor, and which eye is your dominant eye. The measurements and adjustments required for this placement differ from person to person so be sure to check to monitor placement guidelines for proper setup.
  • Keyboard and mouse placement: because the keyboard and mouse placement affect wrist and shoulder strain, they should also be dully considered. Whether you will be choosing to use a stand, tray, or desk for placement, ensure the positioning provides maximum comfort for your elbows and wrists.

The Monitors

Now that we’ve covered the basics, how can we fit two monitors on a small desk

  • Space-saving monitors: if you already have a small desk but would like to use dual monitors, we think the most obvious solution to consider is getting monitors that will fit your space in the first place. There are many space-saving monitors that your tiny desk and space will thank you for.
  • Monitor arm: monitor arms are simple solutions that deliver a notable difference in the work environment, chief amongst which is solving the space problem in a dual monitor setup. They cut down discomfort by reducing back, neck, and eye strain. They are also really adjustable and consider cable management which is another plus for space management we will discuss later.
  • Monitor stand: using a monitor stand is another great option for setting up dual screens in a small space. Apart from solving the space problem, they improve desk organization, enhance aesthetics, and increase overall working comfort which has a positive impact on your health.

Managing Your Desk Space

Since you are working with a tiny space, the last thing you need is disorganization and clutter. You don’t need a huge desk to go with your dual monitors but these tips will help you achieve an efficient, distraction-free workspace that functions optimally.

  • Off-desk storage: if you’re not using certain suppliers daily, keep them off the table. You can keep weekly supplies closer to the desk and store monthly supplies and others further away.
  • Place regular-use items within reach: your charging stand, pen notebook, and other must-haves should be the only items sharing the desk space with your gadgets.
  • Hide supplies: make use of the space behind your monitors or under your desk to stash items you need but don’t have to seem like your hard drives and cables.
  • Minimal decoration: keep personal decorations to a minimum, you don’t want to overcrowd the space unnecessarily.
  • Deal with cable clutter: there are a lot of cheap tools to help deal with cable clutter to make your space look much better and roomy.


No matter what your needs are, there is a perfect workspace setup for maximum comfort and productivity. If you have a tiny desk but want to enjoy the benefits of utilizing dual monitors, we hope this article has been very helpful. Consider these points and share them with a friend to help them out too.

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