Fitness Bands vs Smart Watches

Fitness Bands vs Smart Watches

Which Should You Buy? With the constant breakthroughs and steady increase in technological innovations, it is no doubt that technology is the future. Especially with highly practical gadgets like smartwatches and fitness bands that help improve quality of life, it would only make sense to invest in tech that can … Read more

Apps you Find in a Successful Person’s Phone

recommended apps to have on phone

Nowadays with the immense progress in technology, many products are found that make your business more easy and comfortable. Every person would lead a phone that has android apps. Successful peoples like IT workers have high-worth apps on their phones. These IT experts will connect with their colleagues and customers … Read more

New DJI Terra Firmware Version 3.3.0 Released

dji terra

What’s New in Version 3.3.0? Adds support for 2D reconstruction with Map Grid, which sets grid length and divides digital orthophoto maps (DOM) and digital surface models (DSM) into grids. Adds support for detailed inspection mission with flight route waypoint check to ensure flight safety. Adds support for modifying base … Read more

Top Mac Alternatives For Photoshop

usb c card reader

There is no doubt that nowadays having good skills when it comes to photo editing and design is essential. This is because with many people now promoting some kind of an online brand or business, most audiences will lean towards those brands that carry good aesthetics and brand imagery with … Read more

DJI Phantom 4 PRO RC Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 PRO RC Quadcopter featuring a 1-inch CMOS sensor that can shoot 4K/60fps videos and 20MP photos, the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 grants filmmakers absolute creative freedom. The OcuSync 2.0 HD transmission system ensures stable connectivity and reliability, five directions of obstacle sensing ensure additional safety, and a … Read more