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Declutter the Duplicates From Your Mac With Gemini 2

The most frustrating thing regarding keeping a huge photograph collection is that you will often end up with duplicates. Maintaining the library takes a lot of time and energy, as sorting copies manually is not easy. Still, you will find out that your album sneaks in with duplicate photos. The more significant challenge comes when you keep on replacing the mechanical drives on desktops and laptops to free up your cloud space.

For this sort of situation and for people who love to click the photos and keep them in their albums, many companies have launched duplicate file removal applications in Apple’s App Store and worked amazingly well.

But nothing works better than Macpaw’s Gemini 2 app. Want to know more? Keep scrolling!

Gemini 2- The Duplicate Finder

Gemini 2

This app helps in finding those files so swiftly and sorting the unnecessary ones. As per the research and reviews, Gemini 2, the duplicate finder, has done a fantastic job. The users noticed that nearly similar photos in size, day, and location were scanned and helped them delete them more rapidly.

As per the latest update, this app is dealing well with the iTunes library as well. Users who have a hobby of downloading variants of the same songs can face the problem of duplicate files, even when their dates and names are very different. This application even helps in getting rid of them as well, and that too very easily.

With the new and impressive interface, Gemini 2 has added intelligence for Mac users and seeks to establish the removal of duplicates. This helps in the reduction of disk and cloud storage which ultimately lessens backup needs.

Let’s see how this app removes similar photos automatically

If you feel baffling with the thought of finding the duplicates, then the use of Gemini 2 can help you with it. You can install it on your Mac, and it will scan the copies and delete it automatically just in a few clicks. Isn’t it amazing?

Below-mentioned are the steps to install and download this app

  • First, download and install the app.
  • Now open Gemini 2.
  • Click “+” > Pictures Folder > Choose.
  • Then to find the duplicates, click Scan.
  • When the scanning is completed, it offers you a choice to review the results or utilize the other option which is the Smart Cleanup tool.
  • Reviewing the results will allow you to go through the files that the app has grouped as they are similar. Now it’s entirely up to you to delete them or keep them. 
  • In case you do not wish to go through the files and spend some time on them, you can smartly use the Smart Cleanup button. The app algorithm will choose the best version of every file and then delete them all.

Last Words

People who care for space and storage and wish to maintain a library by deleting all the duplicates can opt for Gemini 2. This app will save you time of manually selecting and choosing the best file among the duplicate ones and will smartly clean the storage. It’s one of the best duplicate finder apps currently available in the market.

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