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Utilizing New Tech for Remote Offices

Companies are increasingly looking to transit to remote working environments. The benefits of a remote office include a reduced overhead and an overall happier work environment. If choosing to transition to one, the question becomes, how can you as a business manager, or owner, support your office in the process? With new technology, there are ways to automate and avoid redundancies, support virtual meetings and maintain online shared drives. After deciding to move your office online, review some of the technology options available to you and your firm. 

Automate Redundancies 

One of the first steps in setting up a remote office environment is for a company to look to invest in workflow automation. The cost-benefit of this technology is enormous. It allows your company to reduce redundancies and support your staff in focusing on the work that needs to be completed rather than repeating the work of other employees. Additionally, these systems maintain a centralized service that is easily accessible from any device, allowing employees to complete important tasks without needing to go into the office. 

Virtual Meetings  

When preparing for your office to go remote, one challenge is how to handle virtual meetings. Virtual meeting technology has grown in the past decade. There is a large variety of video conferencing services that can fulfill whatever needs your company may have. Take the time to consider what services will better suit your employees, including if there is a dial-in service, user interface, video and voice options and, finally, the number of simultaneous feeds that can be used for the meeting. Keeping costs in mind, research what option will suit the needs of your company as well as your employees.   

Online Shared Drives 

Before making the move to a virtual office, make sure that your company has an online shared drive. You want to ensure it is accessible by your employees, but also provides security to prevent any confidential information from being compromised. Companies, like Mitratech, provide integration services, which can help your company work with various software, as well as ways to manage the privacy of your documents. Look at which sort of drive and services are available to meet the needs of your employees, no matter where they are.    

Making the move to a virtual office has many benefits. These include costs and employee morale. With new technological improvements, supporting employees in a remote working environment has never been easier.

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