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Iamhere app

Connect with Artists around you by Iamhere app

Iamhere app

Connect with Artists around you by Iamhere app

Are you bored of sitting empty at home and tired of your daily busy life and understanding the problems around you has caused pain in your head? And if you want a new fun in life, then this is the time to identify your inner talent to join your interest. Whether you are interested in listening to songs or singing songs, dancing or teaching, if you like yoga or doing business or whatever, this article will help you a lot, so do read it till the end.

Iamhere, as the name suggests, “I’m here”. That is, through this app, you can connect to the location of every person whom you are looking for or what you are interested in, then it can be a yoga teacher, a dance teacher, a musician or a singer. This amazing app promotes your interest and connects all the artists present in your location, businessman, company, NGOs, etc.

Let us understand through an example of how you can do all this. Example: – You have to connect with your favorite artist who is all around you: – Through this application, you can not only connect with people who have the same interest as you but can create many new friends. So if you assume that you are a music lover, no matter your mood, you are very fond of listening to songs, then you can not only connect with your favorite artist, musician, singer, guitarist through this app.

But you can also talk to them through the chat feature of the app. So you can only find your interest in artists, musicians, singers, guitarists, etc. in this app. You can also check their profile and connect to them through chat. So don’t let your inner passion stop and move in your interest and live your dreams openly. Whatever your mood is Sad, Happy, or anything Iamhere app is on your phone, then why be afraid, connect with your interest and enjoy this beautiful world.

So, let’s discuss how to use this app:-

How to use and connect with Artists around you by Iamhere app:-

This app is very easy to use and it is equally fun to connect with people through it. Let’s know-how? First of all, you have to go to your Android phone’s Play Store or iOS Phone’s App Store and simply download this application from there. After that, you will see three options to sign in, first Facebook account, second Google account, and third phone number.

You can choose to move through any one of the three options as you and other applications do. Then after signing in, you will have to create your profile or avatar through which people will like your profile and they can easily reach you, but remember that do not forget to keep the location of your phone. Now you are all set to work with people interested in yourself, to join them. You just have to search for your choice by going to the search bar of this application, you will get a list ready in advance, you can also use it if you want. After this app will show you the profile of all those people who are like you, a guitarist, singer, dancer, artist, etc.

All these people will be present around you and you can check their profile and connect with them. Apart from this, you will also get to see a lot of searches and discover ideas on the app’s dashboard. You can connect to any business, NGOs, events through this app.

Now you are free to connect with superb and amazing Artists in your neighborhood and location with this application “I am here”.

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