Best Entertainment Apps for Android

Best Entertainment Apps for Android and iPhone

It’s right in life that we need entertainment, no matter if we have a tedious journey on a bus or metro ride. We need our mobile phones to keep us sane. Our smartphones always help us to get rid of sticky situations, and provide good relief from boredom.

Life is hectic these days and people often don’t have extra time to do some additional ordinary activities. But when you’re on travel or feeling bored, so this time we prefer some entertainment stuff that helps to get rid of boredom. Moreover, it depends on the individual interest, and what type of activities they want at the time of boredom. Some prefer to play games, watch the news, listen to music, and many use social media to check what’s trending at the moment. There are many entertainment apps available that you can use to get entertained, but here are some of the best apps that you can use to get entertained when you feel bored or on the move.

Best Entertainment Apps for Android and iPhone

1. HBCU League Pass+ App

Looking for the Best info app for HBCUs?

Download HBCU League Pass App as it delivers information and access to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, men’s and women’s sporting events (football, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, golf, and track and field); marching band competitions, eSports tournaments, podcasts, and more!

2. Yummie4Fun Game

If you are looking for a fun and simple educational app to help your kids learn more about health and nutrition so this Yummie4Fun is the best app for you. The game comes up with unique features and contains multiple things to enhance your kid’s knowledge. Download to explore more.

3. Shoot Land Game

Do you like to play action and shooting games? So this jump-and-shoot game is the best choice for you. The game contains various features and addictive gameplay would surely entertain you to play for a long. The game is recommended for both kids and youngsters.

4. Happy Touch Kids Games

The Happy Touch gives the best bundle for kids’ games that are good for their learning purpose. The bundle of the app contains the best games including a funny car washing game for kids, plane washing for kids, puzzle games for kids, and learn counting games. The best thing is that there are no Ads and the quality is good. If you are looking for the best games for kids in 2019, you can try happy touch world.

5. Block Puzzle Bricks

If you are a fan of puzzle games, so this free block puzzle is the best game for you. The game contains attractive designs and beautiful layouts and colors. The Block Puzzle Bricks are fun to play, drag and drop the blocks into the best places, and take your time to think and plan; there’s no time limit to placing blocks. The game is fun to play and contains attractive designs that would engage you.

6. Himalaya Podcast App

Himalaya Podcast player app is the best entertainment and news app that you can use to browse 24 million podcast episodes, radio, and audio content in up to 30 different categories. You can find almost all your favorite podcasts, whether it’s an educational comedy, news, or political podcasts. The app contains the best features, high-class audio without any banner ads, and many more interesting things. It’s one of the best apps for podcast fans.

7. Interval Timer

As said, health is wealth. So along with having many entertainment podcasts and related apps, the workout app is either necessary. Interval Timer App is simple and easy to use, the app is for your daily workout with or without equipment at home, no matter if you are at the gym or any other place. The app contains the best features and multiple sessions for training. It’s one of the best training and workout apps. Download the app and achieve your fitness goals.

8. DECTV Network

DECTV Networks is a hip-hop music app for the Amazon App Store. DECTV Network is developed to entertain, inspire, and educate audiences around the world. DECTV Network’s signature content is live-streaming music concerts that give members an up-close and personal experience with the celebrities they want to see. DECTV Network brings relevant content directly to viewers in a matter of minutes on every digital device.

9. HoneyChat

HoneyChat is the free Chennai Tamil Online Chat app that you can use to chat with new Tamil and Chennai friends from different areas? The app contains many useful features, and there are many Tamil and Chennai Chat rooms. You can meet new friends and start chatting. The app is free and contains the best features that you cannot find in any other app. All you need to download the app and log on to start chatting. The app doesn’t require any registration for chatting, and it contains the best user interface. The app is entirely saved, and you can create multiple groups. If you are looking for the best Entertainment Chatting app, so Honeychat is recommended.

10. Candy Land Puzzle Game

Candy Land is a unique Puzzle game that contains the best features and tons of levels. This Candy Land is the best Match 3 Games that contains sweet candy, jelly, and cookies and lets you blast and crush and move on to new interesting levels. It’s one of the best adventure games and this Candy Match 3 contains interesting features and cool graphics.

11. WASMeme – Stickers Memes for Whatsapp

WASMeme is the app that allows the generation of memes in stickers for Whatsapp. You can create your memes in multiple available stickers on an app, and you can share them on Whatsapp. The WASMeme – meme generator app contains multiple favorites and famous memes, like Thug Life, TV Show memes, and much more. You can also save memes from other people and also vote for your favorite memes. The favorite and most voted memes come on the top for other people. The app contains multiple memes, easy to use, and is user-friendly.

12. All HD Video Downloader

All HD Free Video Downloader is a Free App that you can use to download any video that you like. As the name represents, the app contains one feature. You can not only download any favorite video you want but also you can save status from social networks. The app includes a social status saver functionality and lets you download the Facebook and Whatsapp status of your friends. The app is easily accessible and free; you can download videos and statuses only with one click. The app is having the best user interface, fast speed, and multiple options to save videos and repost them.

13. IGSaver

IGSaver is also an app that helps to save videos and images from Instagram. You can download any video and images that you like and use them offline. The Instagram downloader app contains two main features, one is auto-download videos, and the other is manual video downloads. For the auto option, you need to turn on an auto option from App and copy the video or image link that you want to download. It will automatically save in your gallery at high speed. In a manual option, you will have to copy the desired video or image link and paste it into the search bar and click on the download option. The app is having good features, easy to use, and has a fast speed to download and repost Insta videos and images.

14. Asphalt

Asphalt is a car racing game, and although car racing is not in the interest of everyone, many peoples like this type of game. Many people use car racing or bike racing games in their free or when they are traveling somewhere. The Asphalt game is having good features, multiple options, and good graphics. You can select any car to start racing; multiple levels make this game more interesting. Even if you are not a big fan of car or bike racing games, you are feeling good if you give this game a try.

15. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is also an interesting game that is the favorite choice of many peoples. In the game, there are multiple levels, by crossing a single level, you will have to pass multiple challenging rounds. You can play this game when you get bored or if you are looking for a game that contains multiple challenging rounds one after the other.

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