Turbocharge Your Brand’s Social Media

8 Hacks to Turbocharge Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is the best way to create a brand identity among potential customers. Social media marketing enables businesses to approach and attract prospects through proper communication. But, it is not as easy as you think. 

Social Media Presence

What most people are doing is creating content and posting it on different social networks. Then, they wait for the engagement to happen.

Will it happen? Not likely. 

The majority of the content posted does not reach the right customers. The targeted customers do not take a decision all of a sudden. It will take time as they do compare and weigh different features offered by your business with your competitors.

According to B2C and B2B marketers, content marketing is used widely in social media other than blogs. Hence, creating a wave in social media needs proper planning and a good marketing strategy.

How can you utilize the purchasing power of customers through social media?

Here are the 8 hacks to turbocharge your brand’s success in social media:

1. Understand the target market

The success behind every business is its potential customers. If you know your target market very well, then you’re halfway through to success. You need to research to understand the priorities of your target market and create a marketing plan accordingly. It is also essential to know their demographics and background before creating a well-defined marketing plan.

2. Have a strategic marketing plan

The initial step to create a marketing strategy for social media is to identify the business objectives and goals. Without determining goals, you cannot measure the success of marketing. The goals should be relevant, specific, attainable, time-bound, and measurable. Never come up with too many objectives and goals as you may find them unachievable.

Some of the social media marketing goals for your business can be increasing brand identity, building a social media presence, generate leads, creating a loyal customer base, and improving the ROI.  You should also decide on the frequency of the posts, content you’re going to use, and whether you’re going to use analytics tools and social media management tools.

By implementing a proper marketing strategy, you can turbo-charge brand engagement by luring potential customers.

3. Create a killer social media profile

Your profile picture and bio are the first things noticed by the visitors. So, it must include details about your business or website. However, you should be aware that the profile picture should fit into the dimensions of each social media network. The image size for the profile picture in each network differs. You need to check that before uploading a photo.

Use relevant keywords in your bio to achieve good ranks in search engines. You can incorporate the keyword into the page name for higher rankings. Write a clear description of your business with related keywords to introduce the products or services offered. Give a link back to your business website or blog wherever you find it applicable.

4. Original and powerful content

In social media, you need to use everyday language. However, you should develop a brand voice and personality that make you stand out from the competitors. The tone and voice of your content should be consistent to create a connection with humans. 

Create persuasive, compelling, explicit, concise, and informative content with powerful words that develop an urgency in the mind of the prospects.

Try to include humor into the content if possible – never add fun for the sake of it. Adding humor to your content will help to increase engagement, no matter whether it is a video, picture, comment, or meme. The visitors share content with appropriate humor and thereby you can increase the viewership of the content.

Use different types of content such as text, images, videos, and links. Experiment with the content to check what kind of content works significantly with the target audience.

In short, the content should talk about the company culture, USP, and authenticity of your brand.

5. Create customized content for each social media platform

Consider customizing content for each social media channel, or else your content will not reach the target audience.

Of course, it is challenging to customize content in every other network. It will consume a considerable amount of time.

So, what can you do?

Select 2-4 favorite social media channels that work best for your business and commit your time to those. Start posting on these networks. Gradually, you will get an idea of the working methodology of each channel. Know what is trending on each channel and work accordingly. Now, you can easily customize the content for each platform.

You can use social media tools like Hootsuite for posting and monitoring your social media presence.

6. Shareable content on social media

Social media networks are good when you use curated content. Content curation helps the brand to build authority in the related industry. Content curation is an ideal way to attract potential customers to your posts. 

Find videos, blog posts and other sharable content relevant to your industry that can help you in bringing traffic. Sharing content may sound easy, but you must find topics that are closely related and relevant to your business.

Mentioning and tagging other brands or people in your content helps you to increase the credibility and visibility of your business. Notify people or brands that you’re talking about them and ask them to share your post with their audience.

7. Consistency is important

Irregular posting will kill your branding efforts. You can find several businesses out there on social media. To compete with them, you need to post on a regular basis. If you’re taking a long gap between the posts, your brand will be forgotten in a short time. Hence, posting at regular intervals is essential to create interest and bring traffic to your posts. Another important factor is that visitors must get value from your posts.

The frequency of the post depends on the target audience. You have to experiment with the frequency of posting to know the audience better. Use publishing social media tools to schedule the timings of the posts to have active and loyal followers.

8. Interact with the users

Engaging with the target audience is the best way to create brand awareness. Ask interesting questions relevant to your brand that allow visitors to share their thoughts and speak their minds. Questions trigger answers from people, which draws the attention of visitors.

While having a conversation on social media channels, you should keep in mind that you’re conversing with real people. Respond to comment and concerns promptly, within 24 hrs. While responding, consider them as real people and use their names in your answers.

To wrap up, you should not limit the horizon of social media platform by thinking it as a content sharing or posting channels. Never limit the marketing opportunities in social media by doing so. 

You can use these platforms for SEO efforts, customer care, search engine visibility, and connecting with like-minded businesses. To get organic reach in social media, the secret is the same as that of search engine rankings. You have to be patient, dedicated, and open to change the strategy to reach the audience.

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