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Apps you Find in a Successful Person’s Phone

Nowadays with the immense progress in technology, many products are found that make your business more easy and comfortable. Every person would lead a phone that has android apps.

Successful peoples like IT workers have high-worth apps on their phones. These IT experts will connect with their colleagues and customers to increase the overall output of their work.

1. Viticly Intruders Finder

WTMP – Who touched my phone security app spyware detector help you to find who’s spying on you and allows you to find out and see who touched or spy on your phone without your permission with hidden eye. Download today the best security and anti-theft android protection for FREE.

2. SupfraFin Crypto App

SupraFin is the first smart crypto investment app and crypto coin portfolio manager app to create and manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies like a professional and at a click of a button. The cryptocurrency portfolio app leverages technology to automate the risk analysis of cryptocurrencies and create diversified coin portfolios based on your risk preferences.

3. Stocker – Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Portfolio Management

This crypto management app gives the good product to your phone due to these features;

  • Measurement representation
  • Growth representation
  • Cash flow representation

Its important feature is that you can easily show the currency by using this app from Hong Kong dollars, U.S dollars, British pounds, Taiwan dollars, and Chinese Yuan. It calculates the commission, cash dividends, and script dividends to explain to you the mainly exact return.

Google Drive

Google drive is no doubt an easy solution app for android phones; it offers 15GB of data storage for new users. If you are a premium user you can get data storage according to your requirement.

It includes Google sheets, slides, Docs, Google photos, calendar, and most important Gmail.

4. Ritual FIT: 30-Minute Fitness 

This daily home workouts is good to optimize the newest advanced exercise in your android. It has an excellent audio setting. No matter what your age, this app requires your goals to be downloaded because it produces 30 minutes of totally guided exercises.
It is just like you have your trainer .it is recorded over 5000 audio cues that you will hear at any time the guidance, strategy, and motivation that you need.

When you have not gone out from home and no equipment and Gym access will be provided at home, you must use this app. We ensure you that this app will be effective for full bodywork at any time.

If you do have not any Gym equipment you must download this app.

5: Mozilla Firefox

Because this Mozilla Firefox app doesn’t collect your details. I still use this one because it comes with a final touch of security settings. In which you can view many options like

  • preserve your personal data from the publicist and hawkers
  • privately owned browsing mode

As the desktop of computers and Laptops have specific versions. Similarly, Firefox also has a strong plug-in selection having a 64-bit version.

Furthermore, it has excellent tab control and a dynamic start page for the latest headlines. Having Syncing feature, You can manage its settings like history and tabs with the desktop version easily.

6. Pin Pull Rescue Puzzle Game

This game is one of the best pull-to-pin and saves the princes game. To challenge your IQ level, this game is best designed. Pin pull rescue puzzle game is a free puzzle game that may lessen your stress.

Pull the pin and allow all balls to come to you at each level.

How to Play Pin Pull Rescue Puzzle Game

  • Pull the pin at every step, so the balls drop into the container due to gravity.
  • Avoid the obstacles to hit. Carefully select the pin first to pull the obstacles that they fall into a container.
  • If you pull the wrong pin you may lose the level
  • You may retry to achieve the level.


The pull pin rescue puzzle game contains multiple unique and levels with different options.

This game also helps to increase your intelligence by playing different puzzles. You have to keep the focus on multiple needles and pins, that which pin comes first and then after.

It is a very addictive game that at once you start playing the game you try to play the next level rather than skip the game.

The sound and visuals are very outstanding that keep you engaged with playing the game.


These apps have unique features like pin pull rescue game has interesting puzzles, stockers give you great profit back, and ritual fit helps you without putting any investment.

All these apps described above will effectively increase the productivity of your phone.

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