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cloud computing data streaming concept background

Cloud Video Streaming Solutions – Features, Benefits & Usability

Cloud video streaming or cloud video platform is perfect for most present-day marketers which require a direct and upgradable professional video hosting framework. With the support of this kind of platform, brands can be attentive towards streaming good content without having to deal with many technical hiccups. In this article, we will have a look at cloud-based video streaming solutions and important aspects to point out in video streaming software.

What Is A Cloud Video Platform?

cloud computing data streaming concept background

So what is cloud video streaming? Cloud streaming depends on a cloud server network that is committed to hosting video data and effectively delivering this content or online video solution to the audience. When the broadcasters do a file upload, they are transcoded and encoded into a range of formats that are available for playback.

Video transcoding or video streaming solution is a great way of producing several renditions of one video file without doing away with resources from the first encoding procedure. With the help of cloud-based video streaming, broadcasters manage their content in the cloud for consumption which is on-demand or provide their viewers with live stream events.

Benefits Of Cloud Video Streaming Solution

Computational expertise and expanded storage capabilities of Google Cloud Video Streaming Platforms allow media providers the upgradability to create high-quality audio and video streaming platforms which consistently deliver content to any device at any location.

Installing a video streaming service using Google Cloud Platform is a smart move as it makes sense because of certain capabilities of Google Cloud.

Market Time

With enhanced agility, cloud computing and storage platforms employ a usable video streaming platform in a matter of weeks. This noteworthy market time offers a competitive advantage that cannot be easily ignored.


GCP or Google Cloud Platform permits providing farms to scale almost indefinitely. Cloud storage is the ideal choice for entertainment and media objectives. Media providers can scale above and beyond to meet the demand but only pay for the computing abilities which has been used in actuality.

Creating a cloud-based OTT provides the benefit of containerized microservices.

With the help of Google Cloud Platform, it is possible to install in a container environment with different microservices assigned for every function of this platform. Microservices assist cloud-native streaming platforms to prevent bottlenecks or obstructions and let them efficiently upgrade to match the present demand.

The upgradable infrastructure of cloud-based video streaming platform enhances computing resources to meet the present demand of transcoding, uploading, or other types of tasks to result in substantial cost savings.

Storage Capabilities

Google Cloud Storage can be utilized for the storage of video assets. GCP provides a range of flexible storage solutions for different video workflows and the Compute Engine backs video processing. Google Cloud Platform offers great opportunities to create innovative, avant-garde features to produce the best viewing experience for the subscribers.

Viewability Insights

Insights are provided of how viewers consume the content which is beneficial from a business viewpoint. It offers much-required data to make more intelligent decisions – which promotions to carry out, the kind of content to recommend, and which region to get entry into next.

With the serverless data warehouse of Google called BigQuery which is fully managed, media firms can get such valuable insights. By understanding and predicting viewership spikes, it is very easy to scale down or upwards for cost-optimization. Personalized streaming metrics can be incorporated in a customized dashboard produced exclusively for the content provider, offering a universal view of the whole streaming platform and its functionality.

AI functionality

With Google Cloud Platform you can get access to top-rated AI tools such as Google’s Vision API and Video Intelligence API. Once these functions are aligned, asset libraries can be tagged automatically with beneficial metadata. This saves the user a huge amount of manual work and produces a cost-effective way to make huge libraries easily found out.

Video Intelligence API is available with prior trained machine learning which lets you identify places, objects, and actions in cloud video streaming solutions. Uniquely providing outstanding quality, it is very productive for common uses and enhances with time as newer ideas and concepts are presented.

Accessible from Any Location and Any Device

Your viewers can see content from work, home, or while commuting. The platform videos can be accessed as long as the viewers have an internet connection

Resolve Bandwidth Difficulties

You can opt to view 140p or 1080p based on the internet connection strength. This online video platform provides transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming where several file-formats are produced to back differing bandwidth conditions.

User Management

Ascertain who can see your videos and who cannot. For. eg. you can permit your marketing team to only see marketing training videos and not the human resources team marketing videos.

Seamless Integration

These platforms allow you to faultlessly integrate with all apps which utilize video. You can automatically consume Zoom recordings and see them via your video solution, without uploading or downloading them.

Data protection and Security

Data and security protection is the top motivator for cloud adoption. Based on the cloud provider you opt for storage purposes, you can use their data compliance and security practices. Providers are updated with cloud security concerns and it is best to let the experts manage them.

How Does Cloud Streaming Works?

How does cloud-based streaming work? Cloud streaming depends on a cloud server network that is committed to hosting video data and effectively delivering the content to the viewers. When the broadcasters upload the files, they are transcoded and encoded into a range of formats when are available for playback. With cloud video streaming, broadcasters can deliver their content in the cloud for consumption on-demand or live stream events to the audiences.

What Are The Key Features Of Cloud Video Streaming Services

Let’s have a look at some essential video cloud streaming features:


Any platform which is cloud-video-based should not be too complicated. It should assist businesses in easing tasks and enhancing efficiency. The video platform should allow users with features like easy navigation via the platform, bulk upload, and content management tools. It should be structured and designed in a way that even new or casual users can work with it.

High Security

Security-based video hosting is one of the top concerns when broadcasting your content. Limitations on videos streamed on other websites and domains, geo-restrictions, letting shared videos play for a certain time only, access control for many users in-house are a few of the security concerns which should be implemented when choosing the right cloud video platform.

Video Transcoding

This is an important and mandatory feature to search for in any cloud video streaming service platform. The original video must be transformed into several video qualities of varying bitrates to assure that content is delivered to everybody in the audience with differing connectivity and bandwidth. The transcoded videos must be streamlined with varied streaming protocols to guarantee smooth playback.

CDN for Playback

CDN is a prerequisite that creates huge differences between most streaming platforms. Video cloud streaming platforms make use of CDN networks to assure smooth playback with the least loading and buffering. The platforms which use the best and top-rated CDNs lower playback concerns across big geographical regions also.


There are many affordable cloud video streaming solutions out there and you need to understand the different features linked with them. In this article, you were provided with some basic features and aspects to assist you with choosing the right cloud video streaming or cloud video hosting platform according to your requirement and usage.

The usage of virtual space for cloud video hosting and streaming is going to increase daily. With content featured online, the requirement to have a reliable, secure cloud platform and the streaming platform becomes viable and necessary. The content should be broadcasted smoothly in the safest way possible on a cloud-based video streaming platform.

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