6 Biggest Technology Trends That Online Casinos Should Take Advantage Of

Back in the mid-1990s, playing casino online means having the basic casino table. Nowadays, the nature of online gaming has improved leaps and bounds. That’s because you can now play even through your mobile device. Imagine being able to play Poker with your friends without the need to face each other. But other than mobile gaming, there are other technological trends that you can take advantage of. More so, when you are a company that develops South Korean online casino … Read more

Intent-Based Networking

The Intelligent Next Step for Intent-Based Networking

Networks have become the core of communication channels. Today, we value networks as the most valuable assets that help us grow our business. They become even more valuable when they are providing an additional benefit to the company/business they are associated with. In order to enable the full functionality of networks, one must get a higher level of performance out of them. Networks have become extremely complex over the past few years. It has become increasingly difficult to manage them … Read more

artificial intelligence

How AI Companies will Transform the Future

Artificial intelligence is neither an exclusive technology to high technology companies nor it is something that will happen in the future. Rather it is already a reality that is capable of transforming the organization of all sizes. Artificial intelligence companies are going to change the way we work and do business. The artificial intelligence market will have a value of about $89847M by 2026 globally. The data is according to recent studies by Statista. Companies use artificial intelligence for the … Read more

AI Delivery Robots

AI Delivery Robots for E-commerce Industry

Considering the way Artificial Intelligence is influencing the IT industry, the day is not far when we will receive our delivery packages by robots. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is delivering commendable results in the field of automation. Right from Siri to self-driven cars, AI has helped not only to cut down the mundane manual processes but also has redefined these tasks in a more engaging, attractive and innovative way. As per Markets and Markets Research, the AI market is expected to … Read more

Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Which is a Better Option for Your Enterprise: Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Which is a Better Option for Your Enterprise: Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots Developing a bot is a completely new addition on most of the business’s to-do list. That’s why when you drop your plan in the market, you probably tend to get more confused while choosing the right artificial intelligence solution for your business. Instead of reacting to the market hype, it’s essential to understand the advantages of each medium (voice, chat, or both) thus you will be able to … Read more

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5 Tech Trends Changing the Face of Retail

From hospitality to customer service, Industry 4.0 is impacting every sector including retail. Until now, technology has given businesses the ability to do more with less, but embracing technology hasn’t been a do-or-die necessity until now. With an increasingly mobile world of more demanding consumers, those that fail to adapt to new technologies may quickly find themselves being left in a trail of dust. Here are 5 tech trends that are changing the face of retail. Omni-channel retail While e-commerce … Read more

Trend Technology

Latest AI Trends to follow in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary technology that is changing the world. It will not decline and it will continue to grow. According to a Deloitte study, “82% of companies that have already invested in AI have gained a financial return on their investment.” AI is being integrated into recording pen and spy glasses. AI also continues to transform lives and business. Artificial Intelligence enhances products and it makes businesses to be optimized as better decisions are made. Latest AI … Read more