Mobile Game Addiction

Mobile Game Addiction

Mobile Game Addiction

The impact of digital devices is very powerful. Kids easily get influenced by what they see on screen. Children are naïve and gullible, whatever they see or hear at this young age- impacts them tremendously. Especially kids between the age of 7 to 12, easily get carried away by the concept of mobile games.

Technology is a boon to humanity, only when it overpowers us, it is a bane.

Every parent is advised to download a simple yet essential app called “Parental Control App.” Bit Guardian Parental Control App is a reliable app that parents can trust blindly. It comes with all the necessary and premium features you can ask for. Right from app blockers to children’s safety, we have it all!

Before we jump in-depth about the parental control app, let’s try to understand what is mobile phone addiction and its possible repercussions.

Game Addiction

Graphic designers across the world are doing an incredible job. Replication of real-life scenarios into a virtual platform is just remarkable. As far as innovation in apps is concerned, no app other than gaming apps has performed exceptionally well in the last decade. Virtual reality, augmented reality and cross-platform games are trending like fire in the gaming world.

Is it possible for your kids to not experience such an extraordinary invention? No, right!

Games are an escape for kids (even for many adults) from reality. But the problem is, games do not have an automatic stop button, each time you lose, a new lifeline is offered.

Games have a weird addictive property that nobody can escape. Lately, PUBG was one such addictive game, for which school teachers had to warn parents about its infamous characteristics.

What if, parents could ban the app? Or entirely prevent the download of such addictive apps? Why not take advantage of the best parental control app in your app store?

Why do kids get addicted to mobile games?

Have you ever wondered why mobile phones became so popular among kids? What can be the core reason for game addiction? Any thoughts!? Let us read why!

  • Hands down, mobile gadgets are the best source of entertainment and engagement for kids. Games easily divert the curious mind of kids for long durations.
  • Because parents are too busy to give time to kids, as a last resort they hand over digital devices to keep their kids engaged.
  • Trust us, peer pressure in this generation is too high. If you are not at par with the digital age, you are not counted in “Gen Z.” Not fair, right?
  • One requires digital exposure to stay up to date. After considering all the disadvantages of technology, one has to expose their kids to digital devices to keep them in alignment with the ever-changing technologies.

Effects of Mobile Game Addiction

Since the advent of mobile phones, men knew there were repercussions along with its over-advertised benefits (back then, it was hidden).

Recall, how the “Snake” game on Nokia phones used to be our perfect pass time. Yet, there weren’t so many other distractions to fall for. Now, with brilliant and complicated smartphones, kids have too many avenues to stay attached to.

Parents are dying of guilt for providing cell phones to kids. There are way too many drawbacks than advantages of using cell phones. Mobile phone effects can be mainly classified into two broad categories:

1. Health Hazards

  • Constant Headaches
  • Poor vision
  • Less physical activity
  • Problem with posture
  • Poor sleep cycle

2. Physiological damage

  • Influenced by virtual reality
  • Cannot tolerate loss or rejection
  • Poor social skills
  • Poor concentration power
  • Growing anger and violent behavior

For today’s stubborn generation, the only way out is to get stubborn. If they cannot do without cell phones, then they will need to bear the fruits. However, no parent will want their kids to suffer. So, how to get your children rid of mobile games like PUBG, Minecraft, Candy Crush, etc.?

Mobile addiction and Future Repercussions

You cannot snatch digital devices from your kids- it will make them technically weak in the future, on the other hand, you cannot give kids complete liberty with their digital devices. So, where will you draw the line? 

Your kids need to work out a balance between mobile games and real life. It might sound hard, but it is vital for their future. Imagine, your kids sitting in an office gathering, do you think they will be able to speak confidently without checking their phone notifications?

These situations can be avoided with a little bit of discipline at the right age. Couple of necessary measures you can take with your kids:

  • Using the bit guardian parental control app, set screen time for your kids. Bedtime and dinner time should be included.
  • Counsel them on the health hazards of digital devices. Sound reasonable and logical!
  • Use the kiosk mode of the bit guardian parental control app and download addictive brain-churning games like puzzles, word games, business, treasure hunts, etc.
  • Push your kids towards physical activities, right from infancy.
  • Introduce your kids to role models in the field of sports and arts. Always try to lead by example!
  • Do not provide a dedicated device to your kids. Have a public device for all game lovers at home.

Is there a dependable solution to reduce screen addiction?

The gaming industry is generating revenue on game time but imagine the impact of screen time on your adolescents.

It is advisable to restrict gaming time for your kids. A simple solution you can begin with is- to download the bit guardian parental control app on your kid’s phone and yours. Set an app block on all gaming apps and control the access.

You can also create a gaming time schedule to control screen time. This way you will give them complete liberty of gaming experience and yet not turn into the bad cop!

To take a small step toward saving kids from mobile phone addiction, download the Bit guardian parental control app TODAY! Hurry!

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