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Why ignoring SEO could adversely affect your business


Not many businesses have still realized the potentialities of SEO or search engine optimization. It not only helps you in giving you a good ranking, but it enhances your visibility as well.

However, many companies still rely on conventional marketing techniques and strategies. These companies undoubtedly get results, but the outcome is either short-lived or it takes a lot of time before your target audience comes to know about you.

And by the time they do so, your competitors have already whisked away just too many customers that could have been your prospective leads.

Studies state that by the year 2020, SEO is going to generate revenue accounting for up to $80 billion per year.

In this write-up, let us find out why not paying heed to the nuances of SEO could hurt your business, regardless of the size of your business entity. So, read on for better insight.

Why ignoring SEO is a blunder?

Let us read through a few points that validate the above question better in the paragraphs that follow.

1. Losing out on customers

Since more and more people are looking for their products and services online, instead of these very customers landing at your web portal, they will be redirected to websites that belong to your competitors. So, you are losing out on potential clients by not making your online business SEO-friendly. Not only that, it is quite likely that even your existing customers might just switch sides and start shopping from your competitor’s websites.

2. Your rankings talk about your online reputation

You will come across many such entrepreneurs that ‘pay’ to be visible online. This is the darker side of SEO, also known as Black Hat SEO. However, the outcome of such SEO practices is short-lived and does not yield results that guarantee your place in the top rankings in search engines.

If your prospective clients are not able to view your rankings online, not many consumers might trust your potential or the quality of products and services that you offer. This is because earning visibility is easy, but getting a good rank is a commendable achievement, which only good brands enjoy. So, so that you establish your business as a good brand, adopting the nuances of SEO is a good marketing strategy.

3. Content becomes irrelevant

If you are strictly adhering to the norms and strategies of SEO, you know how relevant content is. The usage of keywords, key phrases, long-tailed keywords, and such nuances are at the tip of your fingers. Also, you are aware of the importance of updating content frequently. And how essential it is to interact and keep in touch with your customers.

However, if you have not implemented an SEO strategy in your market research regime and campaign, the content your team works on may not be relevant. This is because unless you are getting feedback from your clients and communicating with them through online chat facilities, you are not able to know their demands, their expectations, and above all their requirements. As such, the content that you churn out may not serve the purpose. So, incorporating SEO is undoubtedly one of the main mantras of success in online marketing campaigns.

4. Building brand image may be expensive

Conventional or traditional methods of brand building are quiet, and you are not sure whether you will get the results you are anticipating. However, with the right SEO strategies, you can expect more for your brand-building campaigns.

Not only is SEO your vehicle for better brand-building practices, but you can be sure that you can derive maximum benefits by putting in minimal effort.

5. Unaware of Google updates and risk impacts

Following Google’s “Medic Update” of August 2018, it shows that many online businesses were severely affected. This is because if you do not have a website that is at par with the latest trends and is not in terms of the most recent events and practices, you will fall behind in the rat race. It is quite likely that you will not be able to face or bear the impact of an update that the search engine rolls out.

However, the websites that were SEO friendly did not feel the impact so severely as adherence to the latest SEO practices which were in place. As such, having an SEO strategy implemented in your marketing campaigns makes your website better equipped to deal with Google’s updates.

6. Your website may not be SEO friendly

If you are getting your website designed by a professional that has no sound knowledge of search engine optimization, your website may not be SEO-friendly. This will adversely impact your business in the following ways-

  • You will not be aware of the updates of the search engine major
  • Your website will not be able to withstand the impact of an upgrade if your site is not compliant.
  • Even if you redesign your website from time to time, it will not yield any results but will be the same

7. Business Credibility

It is a well-known fact that organic web traffic and ROI or profit earnings have a direct link. This is because it is not unknown that the credibility of organic listings is much more than inorganic web traffic footfall.

As such, the more organic traffic you can generate, the greater the credibility and the more crucial will be your online presence and reputation.

To wrap it up

In a nutshell, you may run your business without implementing SEO strategies, and by not adopting the same, however, you are losing out on a lot of potential that the virtual market offers.

Also, making your business SEO-friendly does not require a fortune. If you carry out traditional marketing campaigns, it is much more expensive and siphons out more money than what you invest in making your business SEO-friendly.

You explore businesses that are online and will find that the ones that have excelled and have made their mark in the online marketplace are the ones that have imbibed SEO nuances in their marketing strategies and campaigns and fully tap into the potential of search engine optimization.

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