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A complete guide to writing effective content for search engine optimization

If you are a writer, that is questing to grow the writing career to a net level than here is your chance to switch your services in the SEO domain. It is the best domain that helps businesses in increasing customer traffic on their website through an organic means. Search engine optimization is the best technique uses by a brand to add credibility to its presence by ranking it in the first few of the search engines. Due to the increasing use of this domain, there is a space created for effective writers to practice their skills in SEO and transform their writing expertise in a new and revolutionizing domain.

In this article, you will understand some important tips to write an SEO optimized content, which will be the source of making high ranking in the search engines. Before you start writing the article, make sure you have a complete list of keywords that follow by an SEO checklist. The following process will lead you to the best article outcome.


Researching is the preeminent stage that needs to cover. It is because, without proper research, you cannot target the right set of content for your article. In this stage, you have to find about

•        The keyword that needs to target

•        What will be the length of the article?

•        What will be the type of article?

•        Gather existing data for reference

•        People also ask

Numerous tools offer a trial that can help you in better researching of your keyword and the topic required for it. By using these tools, you can easily find the rightest keyword for your target.

1.    Selection of the content type

This stage can also call as the extension of the researching phase. In this stage, you have to search for the keyword in the google engine in order to know the type of articles that pop up on those keywords. This will make you understand about the queries in need of a specific keyword. At every search, a pattern follows in the searching result. For instance, every other company like SEO agency Dallas Texas will have its own keywords and different types of articles as compared to any other place.

2.    Deciding content length

Once you have the keyword, search for the articles and analyze the content length with the maximum upload of articles available on the search engine. This will help you in identifying the right length for your article. This can also possible through different tools that simply provide you the result and hence you can simply analyze from it. Make sure to take the results of almost 10 top articles.

3.    People also ask

Whenever you search anything on the google search engine, there always comes a section of ‘people also asks’. The best way to make your article effective is by choosing any of the questions from ‘people also ask’ and answer the question in your article. Moreover, it is necessary to critically select that question, as it should intent towards the selection of your keyword. This strategy is a way to ensure that your search engine optimization is catering to all the questions that people are looking for.

Start the article

After all the three main phases, it is time to start writing the article. The following are some of the main points that will help you in writing the article.

1.    Meta and post title

Meta titles are the titles that are shown on the search engine, while Meta titles are the titles that are the main heading of your article. If you have not specified your Meta title as the post, a title will be considered as the Meta title. Make sure you add the keyword in the Meta title.

2.    Post Meta description

Right below your title in the search engine, there comes a piece of brief information that usually less than 66 words. It is used to make an understanding of the article for the viewer. It is effective for gathering an audience, therefore, if you have nit added Meta description in the past than start adding it now. Make sure you add the keyword in the Meta description.

3.    Image names

It is obvious that Google will not understand an image itself. Therefore, it is necessary while adding an image to create a proper name for it. The name you add should be relevant to the image.

4.    Interlinking

While writing any new post, it is significant to add the links of the previous post, in order to increase the viewers’ capacity for the old content as well. This will also boost the audience.


After you are done with all the steps and requirements needed for the post. Just make an amazing piece of writing and add to the google considering the concerns above.

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