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How To Pitch For Clients in Photography Business

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Wedding photography requires amazing teamwork, perseverance and a lot of homework. The work begins right from pitching your portfolio to the clients and Indian photographers tend to make several mistakes in doing so.

Being in the industry for years now and having recently contacted many wedding photographers for my own wedding, I have come to realize that there is a lack of knowledge on how one should approach clients and how one can lock in clients.

So, in this article, we will talk about how a photographer should pitch their work and packages to their clients.

Use email

The client, as the name suggests, is a professional entity. While many clients maybe your friend or friend of a friend and so on, always approach them via email. If you have their phone number, call and ask them for their email ID.

Try to keep the emails short and easy to understand. Try and not use abbreviations as not every client might understand that. Emails will give your organization a look of authenticity and will help you look professional.

Make a presentation

A PPT or a PDF presentation with slides showcasing photographs you shot, the number of weddings you have covered and more may be a great way to reach out to clients.

Give your and your organization’s background and history and mention the team members and what they do. This allows your client to research them as well and see if it suits their sensibilities or not.

Make sure to keep the presentation simple and short so that the client does not get confused. Remember that a wedding is an extremely important and painstakingly laborious thing to organize, and the couple who are selecting the photographer will be under extreme duress. So, simple, short and effective is the way to go.

Send different packages in different budgets

Remember that not every client will have a huge budget. Some clients will want a simple photography package while some may wish for an extravagant photo and videography package.

Keep in touch with people like Video editors, cinematographers, assistant directors, photo retouches and so on so that you can include these in your packages.

Keep in touch with talented photographers who are just starting out as well as thorough professionals who have been shooting weddings for years. This will allow you to pick and choose photographers as per the client’s budget.

Typing skills and verbal communication

Some people believe that a photographer or any professional can be judged by the way he or she writes and speaks. It is important to know that while pitching, communication is key.

Try to be confident in what you are saying and try not to make spelling or grammatical mistakes while typing. If you are not well versed in English, use your local language and if the client isn’t well versed in a local language ask your friend or colleague for help.

Confidence is an extremely important factor when it comes to pitching for business. Make sure you listen to your client’s needs first and then try and solve any issues or problems that he might fear having.

Discuss intricacies

Discussing the intricacies of the shoot ahead of time is a must! From what lights you want your clients to avoid what the wedding setup would be, everything needs to be understood. This will allow you in your selection of your team, selection of equipment and so on.

Ask if a car will be arranged for you, if not, add that to your charges. Make sure you inform what equipment you will be using and give the client the names of the photographers who will be attending the events.

Discuss the time of arrival, functions involved and so on before the wedding itself. Do not assume anything and keep everything in written form in your email.

Ask for testimonials for future use

The last thing that one can do after the shoot is done and deliverables provided, is asking for testimonials. These testimonials can be used in various ways.

From posting these on social media to keeping them on the website, these testimonials can go a long way in building a new client’s trust towards you or your brand.

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