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A Case Study about Alpharooms and the Problems they Faced pertaining to their Web Design

I am sure you must have read a lot on web design as this topic has been done to death in the recent times. Still there is so much more to this as we just can’t resist ourselves reading another blog tackling an issue about web design about which we don’t know much. So here it is as this blog is also about this topic albeit with a little twist. I will talk about how responsive design can help and is helping companies around the world in their bid to entice targeted audience towards their website.

If you know Airbnb and how it works, then I am certain that you will easily relate to the following example.

How Alpharooms changed it fortunes for the Better?

Alpharooms was established in Sheffield in UK in the year 1999. From a humble beginning as a little neighborhood travel agency to now a behemoth with over 500,000 customers each year, they have come a long way. But the success was not easy for them. There were times in their long history of working as a travel agent that the management were thinking about what went wrong with them as their business was shrinking by each passing day. So what went wrong and how they cope up with the problem will now be discussed now.

The Problem and a Simple Solution

After its inception, Alpharooms started to grow by leaps and bounds with its website showed great promise and people really loved the design and the functionality aspect of the website. With the advent of the smartphones and tablets, along with other companies, Alpharooms quickly realized that they need to have a website for hand-held devices too they did but their sales figures started to dwindle. So what’s the problem? Read on.

In simple terms, the management of the Alpharooms noted steady traffic growth from smartphones and tablets to its desktop site but conversion rates on their devices were poor. The company decided to launch a multi-screen strategy and built a new site using responsive web design. The launch saw the bounce rate from mobile traffic drop by 35% while the conversion rate doubled and mobile conversions increased fourfold.

Final Word

So there you have it. What a simple problem and a straightforward solution, right? Wrong. Alpharooms faced this problem when there was not many people accustomed with what was responsive design back in the late 2000’s and so it suffered a lot in finding a solution. Nut nowadays we know that a responsive web design is the need of the hour and there are many ways in which all company’s future depends upon it.

If you are based in the UAE and want success like Alpharooms, you need the service from a reputed Dubai’s web design agency that can offer you the right solution in this regard. If you need further guidance about what responsive web design can do for your website, please provide your feedback for this blog by using the comments section below.

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