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Top 8 Stellar Benefits of Email Marketing for Solar Business

Top 8 Stellar Benefits of Email Marketing for Solar Business

Today, there are innumerable methods of marketing your solar business online. Other than content marketing and social media marketing, there is one method that helps solar businesses connect, encourage, and convert leads into customers i.e. email marketing. It is completely different from PPC ads or crafting SEO-friendly content but helps you boost your visibility among your target audience.

When it comes to lead generation then companies dealing in solar often face countless challenges. Because this industry is ferociously competitive and gaining customers is incredibly tough. Email marketing is one of the finest alternatives for solar businesses to form a sturdy customer base.

Emails are the most direct and simple way of communicating your message to your potential customers. This mode of communication gives you the flexibility to tailor the message according to your subscribers which can be converted into your paying customers.  

Although emails are a great method of connecting with people and promoting your services online. It can backfire if you fail to do it the right way. Therefore, to taste success, solar companies need to incorporate the correct component in their email marketing campaign.

In this post, we will navigate you to everything that you need about email marketing along with its stellar benefits. Let’s begin!

What is email marketing? How does it work?

Email marketing is the process of promoting a business product and services via mail. Despite its simple definition, there are numerous email marketing methods that can be taken for solar lead generation. This reliable digital strategy offers a myriad of advantages to solar businesses if utilized in the right way.

The most common method to collect mailing addresses from a prospect is when they visit a particular business website. Once the info is collected, the marketing team sends emails to the prospect to promote a business brand and its offerings. The sequence of emails which is sent to the prospects encourage them to convert into leads and then into paying customer.

There are two categories of email messaging—warm emails and cold emails.

  • Warm emails: These emails are visually engaging and packed with relevant information, and HTML-based text. It contains graphics, striking images, and font styling.

It targets people who are already in the sales funnel and opted to receive additional information about your business. The key objective of these emails is to convey info about your solar business to people, engage them and convert them into loyal customers.

  • Cold emails: These emails are short, plain, and simple text messages. These emails are similar to the ones you send to a friend. Such emails do not contain images or graphics. It includes a soft call to action like ‘get in touch’ or ‘learn more’.

Cold emails target people (also referred to as prospects) who have not engaged with your brand or are unfamiliar with your solar business.

Now you know, what exactly email marketing is and how it works. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits that come from utilizing this effective marketing strategy.

1.   Extremely targeted results

Traditional marketing methods like billboard ads, television ads, radio ads, etc. undeniably reach a large audience. However, it is difficult to figure out which type of audience it is reaching. People who are noticing your ads might not be interested in your solar business. That is why you need more targeted techniques to reach your potential customers.

With an email marketing campaign, you can achieve this goal effectively. You will send targeted emails to those prospects who have shown interest in a solar installation. These prospects are those people who provided their email addresses when they visited your company’s site. You can send emails to these prospects on the basis of their position in your sales process.

2.   Improves brand visibility

Email marketing is a great way to improve brand awareness and visibility. Targeted emails keep your business name on your prospect’s mind. Whenever they check their inbox, they see your company and its offerings.

Regular interaction with your customers is very important for sales conversion as not every visitor will give their email address to you or would contact you immediately for the solar installation.

However, sending emails to people who have provided emails address will contact your company first whenever they think of going solar. You can make this happen through an effective email marketing campaign.

3.   Build unwavering relationships with customers

Building a good relationship with your customers is extremely vital for all types of business irrespective of the niche. The more you enhance your business visibility, people will feel comfortable purchasing from you. Once they build trust in your brand, they recommend your name to their family and friends.

If you send regular targeted emails to your target audience, you open a line of communication between your customers and you. You can add a personalized touch to your emails and newsletters by mentioning subscribers’ names and the services they were interested in. This will make your emails and communication more relevant that matches their interest. This would help you strengthen your relationship with your customers and earn their trust.

4.   Economical marketing method

Email marketing is one of the most economical methods of promoting services online. The cost of sending emails is comparatively less than investing in paid ads. Unlike creating ads with material or placing the ads in different locations, sending emails is not only convenient and highly cost-effective.

Although there is less upfront charge that solar companies need to pay for email marketing, the results that you would get from it are noteworthy. Just by spending a few bucks, you can directly interact with your target audience and make them your loyal paying customers.

5.   Easy to share

If you make your email catchy, interesting, and targeted, the sharing button will get hits as many times as you desire. On the contrary, if you send irrelevant and lousy content in your emails then your company will receive numerous unsubscriptions from the recipient’s end. So, be very careful while sending out emails to prospects.

For instance, you can send emails regarding special deals or new blog that helps your customers in their purchase decision. Even if the content is not useful to the recipient, he/she might forward it to the person who would be interested in solar installation.

When your messages get maximum sharing hits, more or more people know about your business. This way you can reach a huge number of people with your email content.

6.   Results are measurable

Email marketing offers ultimate data that can be utilized to improve your campaign gradually. This is one of the biggest benefits for solar companies that come from email marketing. It helps you analyze metrics such as click-through rates, subscriber retention rates, and open rates.

After analyzing all these aspects, you can discover which areas need improvement and which campaign succeeded. Once you have your findings, you can make changes to your email campaign accordingly. Not only this, you can use this data to alter other marketing plans that you have drafted for the future.

7.   Create loyal followers

We have seen many solar business owners being hesitant on sending emails as they think it might annoy their prospects. Yes, they are right but only if they are sending 3 emails in a day because this is an overdo.

However, some studies have found that 49% of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails. Overdoing obviously pushes off your customers so you need to be very careful about the number of emails that you send.

You can send 2-3 emails in a month to your prospects. The point is, your audience like to hear from your end, and doing it through email marketing is the best way.

8.   Improves your SEO

Although email marketing has nothing to do with search engine rankings algorithms, you can drive back-link growth to your site which is a vital SEO ranking aspect. Email marketing improves your SEO efforts. Sending emails is a great way to distribute your promotional content.

If you put the needed effort into sending high-quality and relevant email content, it works cohesively with your website content. This means higher CR/CTR, better keyword density, and high-value EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) content across various channels. Organic link growth and enhanced brand visibility are key to getting better SEO outcomes.

Parting Thoughts

Email marketing is undeniably a great way to connect with existing and new customers for solar companies.

This technique comparatively converts three times more prospects into customers than social media marketing. If your solar company still not utilizing this highly beneficial digital marketing strategy then start your first campaign today. It will greatly help you in attracting and converting new leads into customers. All the digital strategies discussed above will drive great results for your solar business.



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