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Garena's Free Fire

How to survive till last in Garena Free Fire?

Garena's Free Fire

If you love gaming, then you are in one of the best times for game releases. The market is booming and there are different kinds of games that one will find. A new genre has emerged known as the Battle Royale which is inspired by a Japanese movie of survival. In these games, you compete with other players to emerge as the last one standing. Mobile players will be happy to know that Garena Free Fire which was formerly known as Free Fire: Battleground is a great mobile game. It is loved by millions of people around the world who like Battle Royale games.

The main aim of a player is to survive among the group of 50 players and be in the safe zone. People love the idea but they often end up being killed in the very first seconds of the game. But they do not need to worry as we will provide some tips which will help them to survive till the last. Do remember that Free Fire has a time limit of 10 minutes for each battle.  Well, there are gamers are looking for garena free fire download pc file.

Tips for surviving Free Fire:

  • After you have started a new game you will need to drop at a location. Try to land in a remote area which isn’t frequented by people. These are mainly the periphery of the map. Do not be afraid as you will get plenty of things there.
  • Your next step will be to loot as much as you can. Only pick up the items that you will truly need while playing. Look forward to collecting good guns and weapons. Also, check for armor as they help in protecting you.
  • Do not try to kill everyone as soon as you get your weapons. Remember that survival is all about intelligence. When you shoot randomly, other players get to know that you are present. So, be undercover and try to play with patience.
  • Keep a close eye on the minimap that appears on the corner of your screen. This will be your guide to enemies, vehicles, air drops and also for the safe zone. Try to remain in the safe zone.
  • Try to use vehicles only at the beginning of the battles. They are very important when you need to get inside the safe zone as soon as possible. But using them in the last leg of your battle can prove fatal.
  • Do not use stupid weapons when you are in a battle. Always equip yourself with the best ones that you have as they will help a lot. Try to get one that has a lot of damage.
  • Try to be undercover and away from your enemy. In the end, the best and intelligent person will win the game. So, focus on strategies rather than the number of kills.

Here are some of the tips that will allow you to play the game until its end. Focus on good gameplay rather than just winning all the time. Garena Free Fire is an amazing mobile game and we hope that you enjoy it while playing.

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