5 Most Common Web Development Failures You Must Avoid

5 Most Common Web Development Failures You Must Avoid

5 Most Common Web Development Failures You Must Avoid

Building your website is not all about getting the best and cheapest hosting. Many times while you take professional services or opt for free.pk domain you forget about essential features of web development. Even if you are a beginner you either need to hire a web developer to make a complete effective business website. The web development failure not only downgrades your business but it also creates a negative impact on the users. There are many things that you need to take care of your website. From effective designs to poor headings, everything comes under web development.

But as it is said, wise men learn from the other’s mistake, therefore you can build an effective website by knowing the common web development failures of 2019. This blog will identify the most common web development failures that you must need to avoid in the digital world.

Common Web Development Failures

1. Fail to Use Responsive Design

There is an estimate that less than 17% of the world’s 876 million websites are created with responsive web design. This shows that more than 80% of websites fail to produce a responsive design. The most common web development failure these days is due to the two user interface problems. There are two types of audience, one access your website through laptops or desktops while others use mobile phones or tablets. The screen shown on tablets or in mobile phones is quite different and can’t cover the whole website.

Therefore, to avoid such issues, check your website design a couple of times to make sure that it is created with responsive web design. The lead generation websites also get penalize by google if they are non-responsive over mobile phones and tablets.

2. No Performance Measure Through Analytics

Around 75% of business websites never use any tool to track or measure their website performance. This is the most common and biggest web development failure you need to avoid. Without measuring through analytics you can’t know the exact performance of your site. Use the latest tools like google analytics, Monster Insights, and any other tool. This will help you to know the complete website data including bounce rates of your site.

3. Poor Typography

Many website owners use unclear fussy fonts that never maintain cognitive fluency. This is also the common web development failure that occurs when a web owner never takes care of the elements like tracking, leading and kerning. The tracking applies the space between two phrases or words, kerning refers to the space between characters, and leading refers to the space between lines.

4. Weak Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization is always necessary in order to rank your website at the top of the search results. It is based on the different important factors that are often neglected by web developers. Most commonly, creating old home SEO based content is the web development failure that many faces. You need to avoid these types of web development failures by understanding the latest updates of the search engine algorithm.

5. Not Keeping the Website Updated

The most crucial web development failure that can ruin your whole website and make you lose essential data is using the old plugins and web content management system. Many people don’t update their website that allows hackers to hack the website easily. To avoid such types of mistakes you need to update the security plugins and the content management system you use.

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