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5 Pro tips for boosting user acquisition in fashion mobile apps

The fashion sales market is going to reach the heights of $873 million by 2023. Now retailers have seen a shift in the behavior of the users when they enjoy online shopping. Due to this, there is strong growth in the industry of fashion apps. However, to become a successful fashion app, one must look at the acceleration of the acquit ion in the mobile app user.

Here are the following pro-tips that will boost the user acquisition in fashion mobile apps and it will help in the growth of the fashion mobile app

1. FOMO and its full form is Fear of Missing Out, which refers to the anxiety in which people are afraid of missing an event or an opportunity. In the age of social media, savvy marketers understand the psychological behavior of the people and then prepare a proper marketing strategy. They are introducing different perks to cut the FOMO out and then applied in the app marketing. 

The discounts and offers are for only mobile app users. They also give ideas for a different fashion app marketer and give early access to the sales, a preview of new collections, and discounts for first-time app users.

Phrases like last chance or limited offer create a FOMO in the customers’ minds so that they push the customers to make quick decisions. 

If you are giving a discount code to first-time users of the fashion app, you cannot give that similar code to the users who already use the app. 

Though the users can download the app from play or App Store, still you can use the app with other current channels, and it will increase customer awareness. Take the help of email, website, and social media to increase app downloads. 

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Free people allow app users to have early access to the sales and preview collections. These perks are convincing and even if there are any reluctant customers must be eager to install the app. 

2. The boom of the eco nerve channels changes the customers’ perspective in the fashion industry. They BOPIS i.e., Buy online, pick up in-store. It is a concept that blurs the distance between physical stores and online stores. In the fashion app, if one can enjoy a seamless shopping experience, it will leverage an omnibus bel approach and get more users. It can save your shopping costs and increase engagement with the customers and one can buy them more. Many fashion apps encourage users to change their behavior and cross the gap between physical and online stores so that they can have a delightful and new experience. 

3. Every fashion app wants to give personalization taste to the users. Therefore, they help upgrade the features to escalate user engagement and even boost the installation rate of the fashion mobile app. The app users do not look for the products, but they want to enjoy the shopping as well. If the consumer likes the seller, they will buy more than the budget at times. If the app is perfectly customized as per customers’ interests and needs, they can spend more money and time. 

  • You must gather data from the behavior of the customer from the wish list, abandoned cart
  • Send push notifications of personalized offers and even share stories from the mobile apps.
  • Offer product suggestions on the basis of shopping history and wish lists and even on the suggestion of lifestyles.
  • You must create a loyalty program that will increase the repeat purchase.

4. Optimization of the App Store is a practice that will attract the users that you can download, and based on the ratings, keywords, title, and other different ranking factors the App Store optimization will drive the huge amount that will ensure high-quality traffic to the app. One must focus on the keywords with the title tag, and the feature of eye-catching screenshots, you can create an icon that is easily recognizable. Write an engaging app description that will boost the visibility within App Store rankings. 

You must localize the App Store market where you can get customers with local search keywords and even you can welcome different pages to encourage more downloads. You can even look for the testing elements page and find out which things will work for you the best to launch the app. 

5. Paid ads will help your app to come in front of a large audience network. It will create additional points that will further engage with the existing users. It would help if you thought of social media ads with PPC campaigns through Google Adwords with native and interstitial ads. You can even choose cross-promotion with different partner apps that will help you take the help of the best flutter web design servicesPaid ads will also give you a better opportunity to help your fashion app boost and see the change in many ways. Influencer marketing is also a huge market these days. If you collaborate with influencer marketing, you can gain maximum audiences through their followers. It ensures that you are looking for a great opportunity, and that makes it great fun for you. 


There is no single solution that will fit into the fashion apps. To gain new users and increase app rating you have to follow these tips to increase the app’s ranking. Different user has different preferences. Hence, the fashion app must customize its approach as well. Taking the customer feedback on a serious note is essential to get the real insight that helps you optimize with better marketing campaigns. The strategy of user acquits ion will help you grow the mobile app. It is all about the user experience that will make them the best in the growth of the fashion app. If the user uninstalls the app, the. You cannot lose them just at a simple cost like this. You have to work hard to make it work better for you and for your fashion app. 

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