How to Hire the Best Mobile App Developers Every Time?

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Do you know most people neglect the apps after using them once? What is the main reason behind it? There are some considerable things to understand while hiring mobile app developers. if you want to be successful in hiring the best mob app developers, keep reading this article! I will tell you the requirements, places to search the mob app developer, and hourly rates of the developers. When you are hiring, you must know that there are different rates to … Read more

TOP 9 useful & efficient mobile testing tools in 2021


Testing the mobile application is an extremely crucial process before it is made available to the end-user. A well-tested mobile application will perform much better than a non-tested or weakly tested application and consequently will generate more revenue.  To test the mobile applications, testers are using the mobile device testing platform that saves a great amount of time and recovers manual testing errors. There are hundreds of mobile testing tools available in the market, so which one should you choose? … Read more

Developing a Mobile App vs. a Mobile Responsive Website

Developing A Mobile App Vs A Mobile Responsive Website

Are you considering the best way to reach your customers as a business? If so, then the question of whether to develop a mobile app vs. a website will likely have been raised already. Choosing between the two can be tricky, especially as you may consider both to be very similar to one another. It’s defining each and their differences, as well as how they relate to your business, which will be important moving forward. So, with that in mind, … Read more

6 Most Common Mobile App Bugs to Watch Out For!

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Bugs are a common and often unavoidable part of software applications. They’re equally annoying for the developers as they are for the users. Finding and resolving bugs only to realize that they’ve let a critical bug slip through can be very challenging and hectic. That’s why it’s recommended to use bug management tools to record, track, and resolve bugs. In your daily routine, you may come across mobile applications that are slow, faulty, and crash repeatedly. Often, it’s a mistake … Read more

Optimizing the Performance of Your Mobile Apps

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According to research, the number of mobile users has reached up to 5.1 million globally in 2019. And more than 50% of users are frustrated by app performance. Performance testing is crucial to user experience and also protects your company’s reputation. QA teams working for mobile app testing companies work relentlessly to include mobile performance testing as a part of their continuous testing practices.  Getting the Right Mobile App Performance Testing Environment Before getting started with performance testing, QA teams … Read more

Various mobile apps you can install on your Smartphone

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Every mobile phone needs a certain group of applications to help people use the mobile phone to access various services, entertainment, etc. There are certain must-have mobile applications that are very important on a daily basis. Here is the list of certain apps that should be installed on your mobile phone that will be greatly helpful to you. 1. Money earning apps: Do you even know that there are apps that can make you money? Yes, there are tons of … Read more

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing is a fast-paced and often chaotic industry. To stay ahead of the competition and emerging trends, today’s manufacturing businesses need to be well-equipped, informed, and able to access the latest tools. According to Forbes, around 8 in 10 CEOs believe that mobile technology will be a strategic imperative in improving the efficiency of operations. Already, countless organizations are using mobile apps to communicate more effectively with customers, measure quality and performance in the workplace, and more. Whether it’s CRM … Read more