5 Financial Automation Tools You Must Have

financial automation tools

In today’s world of finance, financial automation solutions are changing the way financial departments, services, and financial professionals operate. Many time-sensitive operations must be accomplished in order to keep organizations functioning efficiently in the financial sector.

TOP 9 useful & efficient mobile testing tools in 2021


Testing the mobile application is an extremely crucial process before it is made available to the end-user. A well-tested mobile application will perform much better than a non-tested or weakly tested application and consequently will generate more revenue.  To test the mobile applications, testers are using the mobile device testing … Read more

6 Most Common Mobile App Bugs to Watch Out For!

mobile apps

Bugs are a common and often unavoidable part of software applications. They’re equally annoying for the developers as they are for the users. Finding and resolving bugs only to realize that they’ve let a critical bug slip through can be very challenging and hectic. That’s why it’s recommended to use … Read more