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6 Best WooCommerce Product Plugins to Boost Store Performance

Having an eCommerce website for your online business isn’t complete until you pay attention to how to boost its performance. Various WooCommerce built-in tools and third-party extensions are used to increase the store performance and functionalities. 

Key metrics that show how site performance is measured include. 

  •  Site Loading Speed
  • Sales and Conversions
  • Greater User Interface
  • Customer’s support automation
  • Well optimized for search engine
  • Easier Navigation
  •   Easier Checkouts and order placement process
  • Secure payment gateways 

Here we will walk you through a range of the best WooCommerce products plugins that will enable you to boost the store performance and functionalities.

List of must-have WooCommerce products Plugins for your eCommerce Store

Wish to boost conversions sales, user attention, and engagement; adding a featured video in the product gallery plugin is your best solution. By virtue of this WooCommerce video in product gallery plugin, you can embed attractive videos from any video platform such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

It also allows you to use a combination of featured products images, and also videos in the products gallery of your store products catalog that increase:

  •  Customer engagement and attention
  •  Visitor retention and site’s dwell time
  • Boost conversions and sales

Use product gallery slider for WooCommerce plugin to upload product videos and images. With its stunning auto-sliding feature, this carousel slider plugin increases the end-user experience and engagement.

With woocommerce product gallery slider, you can upload or link videos and images to specific categories and proudest of the store. In addition this tool also allows you to display the images and videos in a lightbox. Other add-on features include:

  •  It enables you to set products images and videos on autoplay.
  •  You can use arrows, multiple bullets and a range of lightbox designs.
  • Setting up a design layout for gallery slider
  • The plugin is fully mobile responsive and doesn’t impact site’s loading speed.

3. Variations as Radio Buttons for WooCommerce

This plugin enables you to display product variation as a radio button that helps in boosting conversions. With the help of variation swatches for WooCommerce store, you can come up with creating attractive button underneath the product that explains

  • Products in-or-out of stock status.
  • With its fully customization features, store owners can select any shape, color, border tooltip and text labels.
  • Auto change of product image color when a user hovers or clicks.
  • Blur, hide, or just simply cross out inventory that is out of stock.
  • Enables you to map an item attribute with various radio button types.

4. Biometric Login for WooCommerce Plugin

Security is vital when it comes to doing ecommerce business. Biometric Login for WooCommerce Plugin enables users to generate biometric identities for secure and swift login to your store.

This tool is powered by State of the Art Technology— WebAuthn that only support HTTPS enabled ecommerce websites. This biometric tool provides an advanced authentication mechanism for the end-users and allows them to trust the platform. In addition, users don’t need to go through the old-fashioned way of entering login passwords and IDs.  

Some key features of biometric login for WooCommerce plugin include. 

  • Integrate biometric login and users swift authentication to your user interface. 
  • Customized biometric button description and text
  • Show registration history to users 
  • Add or delete registration options 
  • Define user roles and restrictions  

5. Audio Player for WooCommerce Plugin

Audio player for WooCommerce store is the best plugin available on the marketplace that helps you keep your users engaged. With this tool, allow your site’s visitors to listen to and buy audio players for WooCommerce.

With this tool, you can build a music marketplace and start selling audio files that support multiple versions such as:

  •   MP3
  • MP4A
  • WAV
  • OGG
  •  ACC

Key functionalities of the tool in include

  •  Creating a music marketplace.
  •  Engage visitors with listening to audio.
  • Your store can offer audio files sale and download.
  •  Admin can customize thumbnails, names and text buttons.
  •  Admin can modify the audio player theme, buttons and search bar.

6.    Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Integrate Facebook messenger Chabot for WooCommerce to interact with your user in person, boost user engagement and fully automate customer support. You can chat and greet your customer directly on WhatsApp which boosts users’ confidence, trust, and store credibility.

With the Facebook messenger chatbot for the WooCommerce store, you can gain numerous key features such as:

  • Automate customer support.
  • Person to person chat.
  • Send product images and other product specifications directly.
  • It allows you to display chat button on landing page, or every single product page. 


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